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Support a Child

The Healing Circle runs a program called ‘Support a Child’ at Creative School to invite interested organizations and individuals to sponsor the cost of educational expenses.

The Healing Circle runs a program called ‘Support a Child’ at Creative School to invite interested organizations and individuals to sponsor the cost of educational expenses for underprivileged children. This is to encourage supporters to join us in steering them to live with self-reliance and dignity. Ours is a holistic school not just for children, but also for their families, and teachers. Started in June 2010, at North Bangalore, our uniqueness lies in our outreach to all sections of society.

We have parents from all walks of society who believe in the philosophy of Creative. We have 35 children in our school with parental income between Rs.30,000 and Rs.100,000 per annum. Some of these parents are staffed at our school as cooks, drivers and errand workers, while many others work in surrounding communities as security guards, household help, and facility helpers.

The children of these lower economic groups are provided education, food and nutrition, and health assistance through Creative. We are an inclusive school that provides the highest quality of education to all at school to reach their own highest potential and we want to stay so; help is needed from all corners to keep realizing this. We not only focus on academics, but also on visual and performing arts, sports, music, meditation, gardening and self care in our vast curriculum. We are committed to raising the bar of education across communities by having a quality education available inclusively and equally across all sections of society.

All children are supported by their class teachers and assistant teachers who bring in the Sacred Classroom principles and the Four Step Learning process, the cornerstones of our curriculum work. The class teachers and at least 6 resource specialists to help them with their remedial needs and emotional needs. Their field trip needs, day time food needs, after school homework help, emotional and physical health needs, and summer camps and summer study programs are all offered at no cost to the families.

We request you for funds towards the education costs of children completely or partly. As per the Indian government regulations, we are required to admit at least 25% children into class 1 per year into our school from poorer economic backgrounds. As is evident, we are doing this and much more. Every child who has applied in this category in our school has been accepted. That is our commitment.

All children supported under the “Support a Child’ program receive counselling support, healing sessions, medical attention, homework and remedial coaching over holidays, and afterschool engagement for assistive technology help for language learning, and dance.

The tuition expenses per year is amortized to cover the operating costs of teacher and staff salaries, rent, amenities, and short field trips. The material fees are inclusive of books, notebooks, art supplies, stationery needs and learning aids.

The sport fees cover fees towards sports equipment, annual sports day, spots counselling, arena charges, and special coaching fees. The food fees include wholesome organic food for lunch and breakfast and includes a fruit snack everyday.

Patrons are welcome to come and visit our space and have a day with us. We thank you for your support!

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1000 Together Initiative

A campaign for greening Freedom Land – our new 35 acre campus,
and the areas around.

So far, several enthusiastic volunteers including our support staff and administration, teachers, healers, children and parents have planted close to 8,000 trees over the past 2 years – an activity that has helped kindle the inner farmer in us, and connect with the space. The trees will grow along with our kids on this land.

The local communities around Freedom Land are also part of this initiative. WWF has supported us by partially funding the cost of tree planting. We are also supported by donations from all of you. The objective is to transform the campus into a natural forest with focus on water conservation, planting of 15,000 native trees, rain harvesting, irrigation and organic farming by the end of next year. We are looking to raise ₹25 lakhs for this green initiative.

We invite you and look forward to joining hands with us as we build ‘1000 Together’

Here’s how you can contribute towards “1000 Together”:

  • Donate Rs. 1000 every month for a year.
  • Donate any amount as a single donation, any amount of your choice.
  • Donate tree saplings – after consultation with our Natural Farming team
  • Contribution however small, we receive with gratitude.
  • Spread the word – the plan is to reach out to 1000 people and inspire them to join this initiative.

Every contribution counts! Together, we can do it! We look forward to your support.

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Freedom Land

Freedom Land is a conscious community space dedicated to inner freedom and outer productivity through collaborative work that inspires us to transcend personal boundaries.

With a vision to make Conscious Learning and Living possible in larger communities, we have now embarked on setting up a campus, Freedom Land, a gentle hillside of 34 acres near Doddaballapur, Karnataka, about an hour away from Bangalore.

Our decade of work has shown us the readiness of our community to truly bring in consciousness in all aspects of life. All of us dream of a better world for our children – one of optimism, hope, joy and peace. Through conscious living, spiritual science processes, and sustainable lifestyles, we are able to bring these into our lives, relationships and environment. We have experienced our children thriving in such a space. A natural sense of expansiveness and abundance has seeped into all our lives.

We envisage a holistic education campus catering to the mind, body and soul of the community at large. Physical manifestation of this vision has been meticulously researched and conceptualised based on decades of experience. The master plan provides for setting up of a campus with eco-friendly architecture in a natural environment designed to maintain the essence and character of the geographic location by acknowledging its unique flora and fauna.

This campus has been planned strategically, with inputs and learning from our existing campus that has been primarily funded by the Founding Trustees – B. Ashok and Jayashree Ashok. As we now embark on setting up our new campus at a larger scale (Master Plan enclosed), the overall project cost and financial outlay is INR 55.0 Cr. A portion of the amount has been raised over the past two years with the benevolence of our Founding Trustees. We are now committed to raise INR 15.0 Cr. over the next 12 months.

These funds are specifically earmarked for projects and outcomes across:

  • Rural Education
  • Reforestation as part of our green initiative
  • Watershed and Waste Management
  • Science & Technology laboratories
  • Solar Farm as part of our renewable energy initiative
  • Visual Arts and Performing Arts Centre
  • Vocational Skills Development Centre – a support to the rural community
  • Sports Stadium (indoor and outdoor)
  • Library

This will go a long way in establishing a holistic approach towards community wellbeing, while ensuring quality education for children aged 3-19 from all socio-economic backgrounds. We look forward to your support in this journey of co-creation, and in sharing the joy of abundance for future generations. Thank you for making a difference to humanity.

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Life & Living Kit

‘Life & Living’ Kit from Creative School and Prajña Vidya was born as a culmination of the research and practices done at Creative School for more than a decade. For the greater good of reaching it to all children worldwide, we have now rolled out our practices into a kit with activities that can be followed to acknowledge the ‘Whole Child’- thereby cultivating physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social wisdom.

This kit has a variety of activities and explorations that will also help with language development, self expression and self esteem. The kit is centered around Opening and Closing ceremonies (Classroom Management), different awareness (mindfulness) and breathing exercises, meditations, emotional intelligence games, self-esteem boosting games, friendship games, and inspirational story-based activities that help children grow up healthy and whole.

With a vision to empower educators who in turn would empower their students through the education of the Whole Child,  the intent of Creative School and Prajna Vidya is to make the Life & Living kit available to a larger community,  to every teacher and child in the world, irrespective of their socio-economic status. Thus, this work presents us with a unique opportunity to make a difference to the world of learning, especially in government schools. Come be a part of this journey. We request your support in sponsoring these programmes and Life & Living kits to schools who are in dire need of your support.

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Aarogya Jyothi

We provide Integrative health care to economically weaker sections of society and communities through homeopathic medicines and healing modalities to aid physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Prajna Wisdom Centre and Prajna Integrated Homeopathy Clinic have come together to offer holistic health care and well-being under this program.

The objective is to provide Integrative health care to economically weaker sections of society and communities. Given the challenges currently faced with the pandemic we have scaled up our community initiatives for holistic health care through homeopathic medicines and healing modalities to aid physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Our team of doctors and healers have tirelessly offered their Seva in ensuring the community is well supported. We are raising funds to cover healthcare support, medicines, therapy and counselling for all support staff, village communities and local self help groups in ensuring timely intervention through these challenging times.

Our therapists serve by offering meditation classes and teaching daily well being exercises. In addition, they also take up one-on-one sessions with each patient as required for Rebirthing Breathwork and Energy Healing. Group programs for Emotional Well-being and Spiritual Purification are facilitated to encourage community and family wellness practices.

Aarogya Jyothi is an act of love. It is also our invitation to you, to become a messenger of health. Come, let us co-create a healthy and interdependent society with the potential of self-healing and conscious living.

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