Ixora (15 -16 years)


In the Ixora classroom, a child learns to use reflection and dialogue to channelise their will power and persistence in constructive ways. Ixora children are able to clearly express their thoughts and needs, becoming independent thinkers. They begin to explore their uniqueness and vision, building their self-worth and creating a window for  their soul perspective.

 An Ixora child needs the time and space to immerse, and to be able to articulate their emotions through self-reflection. Peer relationships largely shape their interactions, both within and with the outside world. They are building a sense of responsibility to self and the community. They are learning to be self-reliant and  confident risk takers.

Every Ixora child begins to choose areas of learning that help them build on their strengths and grow through their challenges. The Ixora curriculum is mapped to engage children  and  help them showcase their skills ,stamina and rigour, in subjects like music, art, agriculture/gardening etc. The curriculum also lays emphasis on volunteering. The Ixora child learns to use self-help techniques for their emotional wellbeing. They receive guidance on how they can evaluate, self-direct and review their learning to address their exam needs.

The Ixora teacher is a compassionate guide who facilitates the Ixora child as they consolidate their learning through challenges and self-discovery. An adult here needs to engage in dialogue that is empowering and respectful, and create opportunities for  children to address their full potential and learn through challenges.