Bangalore North Campus


Our campus in north Bangalore is located near the Kalkere lake system. It exists in a peaceful community of well meaning neighbours who love watching kids play, walk and enjoy the neighbourhood.

Our emphasis on personal peace and wellbeing extends to our environment. Our school has been constructed completely in harmony with nature – with mud-block construction and natural materials to the extent possible. We also use solar energy on campus.. Water recharging and recycling is also available on site. Students engage in their work in both indoor and outdoor classrooms to balance their energies with the five elements – air, water, fire, earth and space. 

We have composting and recycling facilities in school itself. Our school generates minimum garbage and we regularly work with students and the staff to come up with easy and sustainable ways to live in nature.  We also have a beautiful garden, a bountiful vegetable garden and many unique medicinal plants, which helps us run our dining services with gratitude and joy. Our food program consists of healthy vegetarian food made with organic whole grains and vegetables bought almost directly from farmer friends, grown in our vegetable garden and through the sustainable activities in our upcoming campus at Freedom land.