North Bangalore Campus

Creative School at North Bangalore

A cozy school home where our young ones love to grow and learn

Our campus in north Bangalore is located near the Kalkere lake system. It exists in a peaceful neighborhood. The North Bangalore campus houses the early childhood and primary school programs of Creative School. The environment is like a home – a large family. Children have a sense of home at school. Students engage in their work in both indoor and outdoor classrooms to balance their energies with the five elements – air, water, fire, earth and space.


Our emphasis on personal peace and wellbeing extends to our environment. Our school has been constructed completely in harmony with nature – with mud-block construction and natural materials to the extent possible. Solar energy supports the electrical needs on campus. We have composting and recycling facilities in the school itself. Our school generates minimum garbage and we regularly work with students and the staff to come up with easy and sustainable ways to live in nature.

We also have a beautiful garden, a bountiful vegetable garden and many unique medicinal plants, which helps us run our dining services with gratitude and joy. Our food program consists of healthy vegetarian food made with organic whole grains and vegetables bought almost directly from farmer friends, grown in our vegetable garden and through the sustainable activities in our  campus at Freedom land.

Facilities at North Bangalore campus

Creative School at North Bangalore has been having the following fully functional spaces developed over the past 13 years. Lessons are explored in a joyful vibrant space that develops the love for learning in children. Children have inviting outdoor indoor spaces for exploring the lessons, group fun learning and play time.

These are spaces apart from the classroom spaces and common assembly areas.

  • Library Room
  • Art Room
  • Play Healing Room
  • Play Gym & Jungle Gym
  • A small play area
  • Clinic with a doctor on duty to support the medical needs on the campus.


Students at North Bangalore campus have a healthy and holistic routine every day at the school. Every class has designated class pillars who are the anchors for every child in their class. Children begin the day with a well-being circle either as a whole school or in their own individual class groups which includes Mandala meditation, brain balancing exercises, pranayama, meditation, chanting to energize the day.

  • The day begins with morning assembly together as a whole school or in the individual class groups. The routines range from Mandala meditation, Nature Walk, Brain balancing Exercises, simple fire meditation, affirmations and chanting. The breathing exercises are an integral part of our well-being routines every day.
  • Classes are held as a 1 hr – 1hr 30min block period throughout the day and include life and living (our signature work for wellbeing of the whole child), academics, and creative arts activities.
  • As a part of the community space and to develop their own personal interest students are exposed to activities such as cooking, puppetry, pottery, theatre, farming, music, handwork, etc. interwoven into the curriculum throughout the day.
  • Students end the day with a closing ceremony of gratitude, reflection and journal time (in an age-appropriate manner).
  • While free play forms an integral part of a child’s routine, formal sports is offered from Aster age group onwards.
  • The school has a vibrant kitchen, with staff that provides sumptuous, organic and fully vegetarian meals including hot breakfasts, a morning fruit snack and a spread of sattvic lunch.


The school operates as a day school for the early childhood and primary school children. Children come into school from Monday – Friday starting at 8:00 am.

Mon – Thu from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm (Jasmine group)
Mon – Thu from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm (Aster & Orchid groups)
Fri from 8:00am to 2:15 pm (Jasmine, Aster & Orchid groups)

The school doesn’t have a transport system of its own for the pick up and drop off of children from homes. There is a service provider which the school has been closely working with to provide this service.

Please note: Creative School operates out of two campuses. The Freedom Land campus houses our Middle and High School program