Brahmakamal is the special education needs wing of Creative. Children with special needs follow their own unique path at Creative school. Special children are naturally connected to the divine realm and have an open heart space for all – full of love.


Each child is unique, intuitive, and perceptive and thrives in a safe environment where their trust is built. They experience freedom and safety in our learning environment that builds their trust, self-esteem, and confidence. They develop clear ways of expression of their true potential while retaining their divinity and sensitivity to others. Special children teach adults around them lessons of love, patience, persistence and faith.

At Brahmakamal, we create an individualised plan for each child, balancing their five beings –  Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual and Social. Following the child helps us recognize their essential soul quality, feelings and needs, and areas of interest. Individualized plans and strategies are designed to keep the spirit of the child intact while gradually developing skills in their areas of aptitude. Consistent routines are developed by the whole team to address both life skills and academic skills. Healing practices like Brian gym, Brain Tap™, Breathwork, meditation, mandalas, animal-assisted therapy, fitness, gardening, nature walks are integrated in weekly routines to help the child heal as well as  develop life skills. At Creative, we use well designed SEN approaches and assistive technologies to help a student develop the required skill sets.

Teachers and parents of Brahmakamal have their own journey to accept every child as they are – with unconditional love and faith in their soul journey. Teachers and parents need to work on themselves before engaging with a Brahmakamal child as the child can easily sense an adult’s unresolved emotions and thoughts. Choosing Brahmakamal requires parents to train in the foundational courses offered at Creative and Prajña in Emotional Well Being, Mindful Communication, Inner Child Healing, Prosperity Consciousness, and Sacred Parenting. This modality helps parents and teachers guide children keeping in mind their unique journey, helping them reach their maximum  potential.