Continuing Education Programs

Teacher Awareness and Inspiration, Self-Development & Well-being


We offer continuing education programs under the aegis of Prajña Vidya.

Over the past decade, Prajña Vidya has implemented a curriculum based on ‘The Sacred Classroom’ and re-defined classroom structures. ‘The Sacred Classroom’ supported by the ‘Four-Step Learning’ and ‘Co-Creating Sacred’  has fostered intuitive, research-based practices creating an all-round curriculum that fully fosters holistic development in children. These programs with on-going refinement have resulted in full self-expression of the children via Life & Living kits designed for practical assimilation of Spiritual, Social and Emotional Intelligence in a classroom environment.

Further immersive learning is available through our Joy of Teaching series in Language Arts, Heart Math and Joy of Science. The methodology and framework of training can be implemented for any syllabus – NOIS, State Boards, ICSE, CBSE and International Boards.

The Sacred Classroom Series

Our training programs offer a journey into awareness and well-being for teachers and care-givers of children.  We train administrators, teachers or parents in well-being practices as well as the practice of the Sacred Classroom principles.

Our programs are open for individuals, institutions and organizations: private, governmental, quasi-governmental and non-governmental. We work with schools, colleges, universities, home-schools in India and Overseas covering the entire learner spectrum.

Our foundational work redefines who a teacher is and provides a complete shift in the mind-set of a teacher. The Sacred Classroom is this part of our foundational pedagogy, a uniquely experiential training offered to teachers in empowering themselves to learn the art of awareness, self-care and wellness that form the foundation of inspired teaching A fundamental shift in the consciousness and heart of teaching is what we aspire for. This workshop encourages and inspires a teacher to realise his/her potential and connect to the light and strength within. As an individual gets in touch with all capacities of himself/ herself, a new vitality and confidence is born. This inner source of strength and empowerment turns into motivation to be an inspired teacher.

Through the different modules in the workshop a teacher receives valuable suggestions to renew, recharge and face challenges in teaching and learning. One develops awareness towards the self that supports one to become a complete human being. Indeed, this workshop is a journey of self transformation

The Sacred Classroom redefines who a teacher is and provides a framework for growth, and change of heart and mind-set.

Life & Living Program

Creative School based in Bengaluru has developed a signature course “Life and Living” for holistic development of children. Life and Living helps children develop emotional, spiritual and social intelligence which are essential for living our lives to the fullest. After a decade of experience “Life and Living” is now available through our Learning & Outreach program Prajña Vidya.

Prajña Vidya’s Life & Living program helps children and teachers alike in developing multiple intelligences. This has an overall impact on the self-esteem of teachers and children and promotes self-growth and self-empowerment.

Through this training – teachers will learn an array of tools that they can use to guide children towards social, emotional and spiritual wisdom. We will explore different techniques, knowledge and modalities of teaching and learning. Activities include experiential meditations for children that help children energize, feel connected and expand their consciousness.

We will explore awareness, reflection and expression games that help them develop self awareness & emotional intelligence. Social Intelligence is explored through role plays, conflict resolution and self expression. We will engage with inspirational stories to explore various values.

We will also look into lifestyle habits that help children grow up as healthy humans and participate in their community. As a teacher, this workshop helps you to facilitate and gently guide the child in a non-judgmental and open environment. It opens up possibilities for both teachers and children to explore answers from within thus developing self-confidence.

The Joy of Teaching Series

“The Joy of Teaching,” a state of the art, in-house program for Creative teachers that opens the doors to a new way of being with children. Teachers facilitate the exploration of inner and outer knowledge, learning and growing for  children. 

Creative School based in Bengaluru has developed many workshops for teacher self- development for over a decade now and they are now available through our Learning & Outreach program : Prajña Vidya.

Under the aegis of The Sacred Classroom, we offer one-of-a-kind training programs to teachers for  empowering themselves to learn the art of self-care and wellness that form the foundation of inspired teaching. 

Four Step Learning Process and Assessments: Under the philosophy and pedagogy of The Sacred Classroom, children learn to tune in and consciously connect a one hundred percent to the lessons taught using the Four Step Learning process. Teacher trainees will learn how to use the Four Step Learning process to make learning fun, holistic, effective, in-depth and comprehensive.  Teachers learn to assess levels of learning in children using many state of the art methods of assessments.

Joy of Science Teaching: Teacher trainees will explore application of the Four Step learning process and assessments to experience the Joy of Science. As teachers, we will explore the joy of science as scientists – expanding our own learning to explore, reflect, and share our knowledge in a scientific community. We will also learn the scientific art of reflection and understanding  topics from multiple perspectives. Through the different modules in the workshop, a teacher receives valuable experiences to explore a topic, practice and develop easy ways of assessments. 

Heart of Math Teaching: Teacher trainees will explore application of the Four Step learning process and assessments in the area of mathematics. Heart Math is a training module to learn the nature of mathematics. This learning module addresses how learning math can be safe, fun and a community experience. Teaching math through this training helps us reflect on our learning methods and belief systems  and inspire kids to learn express math easily. 

Via Heart Math‘s unique approach, children make the transition between arithmetic in early years to algebra and higher order math in the later years. Simple math models and teaching learning materials can be flexibly used to make learning suitable for any learning style. Teachers can easily use their current textbooks to creatively use the classroom space and devise child-friendly ways for child friendly ways for learning math. Teachers are trained in differentiating procedural work from conceptual or contextual learning approaches and developing ongoing assessments through various activities.

Art of Language Teaching: Teacher trainees will explore application of the Four Step learning process and assessments in language learning and teaching. A child’s love for a language can happen when the concepts are absorbed joyously. Teachers will learn how language classes create opportunities for expressing imagination, feelings, intellect, music, and voice and so on.

Language training takes steps a teacher through the history of language: listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and processes. Simple, fun, and effective ways are needed for internalization of phonic and phonemic awareness, pronunciation and decoding of syllables, and grammar. Teachers learn to help kids develop Language skills  in various contexts and through various art forms. Effective assessments for children are built in the learning sessions.

Our teaching methods, guided by the Sacred Classroom pedagogy, helps teachers channelize the energy of children appropriately while helping them retain their essence.