Life and Living

A cornerstone program and curriculum of Creative School. This curriculum is the core of The Sacred Classroom.


The Life and Living curriculum, created by Jayashree Ashok, is the core of The Sacred Classroom. In keeping with our philosophy, Life and Living always honours the Whole Teacher (Parent or Caregiver) before working with children. Working holistically with children involves a certain approach. Our job is to provide a space of unconditional love, acceptance and awareness opportunities for children to navigate these activities themselves.

Children attend weekly sessions that promote healthcare, emotional needs, stress management, mindfulness, social empowerment and conscious creation to live a balanced life.  While generally schooling focuses first on academics, at Creative we build academics over the most essential set of life skills, that enables learning in any dimension

Students attend a daily 30 minutes session and a weekly 90 minutes session where they are  energised with practices and tools for meditation, emotional awareness, empathy, self care, reflection, social awareness, and communication skills. Breath practices, nature-based sessions, brain balance exercises, play therapy, animal based therapy and art therapy are weekly features of this program. The awareness and transformative experiences break barriers, clear blocks, and enable one to reach their highest potential!

The Life and Living kit, which is available as a resource, was born with the blessings of our Gurus to make available to children worldwide activities that acknowledge and help their Holistic Growth. This kit has several activities and suggestions for working holistically with children. It has been born after a decade of working with children at Creative School and experiencing what works for them.  This supports education of the whole child – to help them cultivate physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social wisdom.

This first kit has a variety of activities and explorations: different awareness and breathing exercises, meditations, emotional intelligence games, self-esteem boosting games, friendship games, and inspirational story-based activities that help children grow up healthy and whole. While playing these games with children, at no point are they forced or “coerced” into a correct answer. Our role is to provide a completely unconditional and loving space so that children feel safe to navigate these games for themselves. We give space for children to be authentic and express where they are in their journey without judgment or criticism.