Our Philosophy

Education comes from the Latin word, “educare,” which means “to draw out.” The true meaning of education is to draw out what already exists inside, not to dump content into a child! Creative makes space for the whole development of children.

Our Beginnings – A Journey to Wholeness

Inner Transformation of Teachers and Parents

Children learn best through personal examples from the adults in their lives. It is extremely important for teachers and parents to be conscious role models to  their children.

We need to become what we want for our children! Deconditioning and re-educating ourselves is an integral part of Creative’s philosophy of education.  Education of our children has  great significance, requiring very conscious and sensitive parenting and teaching. To truly attempt this, we adults need to unlearn the old, conditioned ways and begin anew! The patterns inherited unconsciously while growing up continue to affect us even in adulthood. Healing and freeing ourselves  is the core of this unlearning and relearning. As adults, we too can then become conscious creators of our own lives, empowered by our soul.

Prajna Wisdom Centre, the heart of Creative is open to families and teachers for their own learning and inner growth. Our core spiritual foundation empowers our everyday lives – helping us overcome barriers  (redundant) in everyday living using spiritual wisdom. We apply spiritual wisdom in all areas of our lives –  health, relationships, work, homes, parenting and teaching. Many training programs have been developed for this purpose under the guidance of our foundational spiritual teachers.

Prajna Wisdom Centre offers many programs and is open to the general public. Without our personal transformation, it becomes difficult to practically implement these principles on a daily basis as we tend to slide into our old conditioning and ways. Through awareness and practices, we become aware of our own inner barriers, and transform them. , Creative is hence as much of an educational space for teachers and parents as it is for children.  It is a journey for the whole family!

Living In Harmony with Nature

Our emphasis on peace and wellbeing extends to our environment. We have used concepts of sustainability in school. Our school has been constructed completely in harmony with nature – with mud-block construction using natural materials to the extent possible. That apart, we use solar panel energy, water recharging and recycling on site. Composting and recycling facilities are also available in the school itself. Many varieties of birds, butterflies, moths, spiders, cats, dogs, turtles and sometimes  snakes visit our school!

We also have an organic garden and many medicinal plants on campus. The  food served at school is healthy, vegetarian food comprising organic whole grains and vegetables bought directly from farmers, many of whom have networked through our friends and neighbours. Our children naturally learn about food through  this process and their bodies adjust to good, wholesome food.