Sunflower (12 -14 year olds)


In the Sunflower classroom, a child is ready to explore and reflect on who they are and feel confident to acknowledge their emotions and express them with clarity. A Sunflower child clearly shows the birth of the Ego Strength – with a will to strive in their work and know themselves. They become organisers and artists who immerse themselves in bringing about perfection in their work.

They are learning to trust their own questions, address their areas of growth, and express their spiritual experiences with awareness. They are able to become independent in their work and build a healthy sense of power which aids in building their ego strength. They have the capacity to generate ideas, reason out different viewpoints, communicate them and take them to fruition. They are learning to take on challenging work and hence deepen their rigour and competence. 

Sunflower children engage in interconnected learning to build understanding of the self, peer relationships, and teamwork, through a curriculum that weaves in gardening, handwork, sports, theatre, music,  fine arts etc. The curriculum engages their need to explore and build trust in their own growth..

An empathetic, respectful adult/teacher in the classroom is like a Captain, who listens intently and motivates children to be creative, flexible and develop perseverance.