The whole world is a Sangha. In this Sangha, the poor-the rich, the scholar-the ignorant, the sick-the healthy, the powerful-the weak, and the good-the bad all have a role in the path of self-realization. The affluent meeting the physical needs of the poor, the wise guiding the ignorant, and the powerful helping the weak is the characteristic of a beautiful and balanced society. Such a beautiful paradigm is found in Creative Sangha.

Parijatha Learning Centres of Creative School which is working towards educating and empowering children from the underprivileged communities and migrant families who have settled in the nearby villages  set an example of  this.  

The needs and challenges of these children are different. Children coming from these families may be those who have lost their roots socially, economically and culturally, and hence come to school with many challenges. These children witness and experience life challenges closely. This becomes a source of challenge as well as strength. With the presence and support of a  conscious adult who practices The Seven principles of the Sacred Classroom for her/his own self– transformation, there is an opportunity for the child to Learn from their Challenges, come back into balance and to learn to Respect their journey, however hard it is.

Parijatha children need time, space and opportunities to grow their self-esteem and dignity. Children need compassionate, loving and deep listening from teachers to empty their mind and guidance to become aware , acknowledge, and release their own limiting thoughts and beliefs. Guiding them to give gratitude for what they already have has helped them to move forward in life with prosperity consciousness and abundance. This strong support right from the early stages of schooling will help children take self-responsibility and to make better choices  everyday.

PLC teachers are more like mothers and fathers motivating children by providing encouraging words, sharing inspiring stories, challenging them appropriately in all areas, celebrating their success to develop their healthy Ego strength and not forgetting to teach them to offer their success to the Universe!

Parijatha Learning centres aim at facilitating children to become aware of their own potential,  experience it,  dream about it, and  to set goals  to express their potential fully in  unique ways. PLC provides diverse opportunities for children to explore various subjects right from academics to arts, creative movement, sports etc. PLC offers children both the options of Karnataka State board and NIOS in the 10th grade.. Children get an opportunity to choose subjects based on their interests and passion.  

Currently the  PLC has children from age 8 to 13 in 3 multi-grade groups.

  • Gulabi (Rose): 8 and 9 year olds in 3rd and 4th grades
  • Sampige (Champa): 10 and 11 year olds in 5th and 6th grades
  • Muttuga (Palash): 12 and 13 year olds in 7th and 8th grades