Orchid (8-10 year olds)


In the Orchid classroom, a child is very open and trusting of the world. A child entering the Orchid has their physical body strengthened, a new energy is available for a vivid range of feelings, emotions and expressions coming into force. Children at this age are seeking for a balance between emotions and actions. Teachers address this delicate balance, retaining the essence of the heart and spirit of the child. 

An Orchid child is diligent, begins to show interest in disciplined practices, and starts to ‘own the learning’. This ownership helps them start expressing enormous creativity through theatre, music & movement, and rhythmic activities. They learn about the world by observing, asking questions, and trying to make sense of what they experience. The child begins to show concentration and increasing competency. 

The curriculum for this age group is structured to foster creativity and inner discipline through thematic and age appropriate approaches. Teachers create rich experiences relating to a child’s own life in multiple fields to give them  meaningful pictures of the whole. An adult listens to the child’s voice and suggests directions. A parent or teacher is like a Composer, bringing in respect, showing health power and holding a benevolent authority.