Thank you for your interest to join us at Creative School, a unit of The Healing Circle Trust. You can read more about The Healing Circle to know about our holistic work.

Creative School has two campus locations.

Bangalore City Campus: Creative School, LG Lake Dew is a day-school eco-campus in Bangalore, acclaimed as one of the top alternative schools in the city. It is located off Hennur Road, near the Kalkere Lake System (Location). This campus houses the founding school of The Healing Circle Trust, and has been running successfully for over a decade from Nursery to high school. This eco-campus of Creative thrives in a peaceful community of well-meaning neighbours who enjoy watching the school children work, play, and walk around the neighbourhood.
From the upcoming years, this campus will house only the Early Childhood and Primary School Programs (Nursery to Grade 4).
Since its inception in 2010 Creative School at this campus has served as a home creating a Sangha space for inner transformation, both for the adult and the child. For over a decade we have worked together as a community to help each other grow and blossom. And this spirit of gently nudging each person towards growth will continue to be the bedrock of Sadhana at this campus. Naturally then it is the apt space for our littlest ones to find feet and take their initial steady steps in learning at Creative.
This campus is also the current home of our integrated holistic well-being centre, Prajña Wisdom Centre

Rural Bangalore Campus, Doddaballapur District: Creative School is also housed at its residential eco-campus called Freedom Land at Kalkunte Village in Doddaballapur district (Location).
Nestled amongst rolling hills and vast valleys in an expansive 34-acre space resplendent with Mother Nature around 65 kms from Bangalore City, this residential school built with eco-conscious methods on a gentle hillside, launched in Aug 2021 currently includes the Creative Farm School and the Parijatha Mane. The campus houses the Middle and High School Programs of Creative. It is the nerve and heart centre of our spiritual foundation, and our eco-sustainability and conscious community initiatives.
Creative is a school, a family, a home- a space where the whole child is acknowledged as a complete human being. We believe in education for life, not just as an academic endeavour. We strive in this space to help each child grow completely – body, mind, and soul. Many of us have grown through an education system which has made us think of ourselves as human bodies rather than as human beings. At Creative we aspire to reclaim our full potential as human beings – for both the teacher and the student. Our space is a conscious community and heartily invites teachers and children to learn and transform – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

Ease in Accessibility
Both Creative School, LG Lakedew, and Creative Farm School, Freedom Land provide transport for travel needs to staff and students to both campuses from specific pick-up points in Bangalore City.

Invitation to Join the Sangha
At Creative we aspire to reclaim the dignity of every teacher; we deeply value the role of teachers in nation building, and world peace. We are proud to declare that the Teacher’s well-being remains central to co-creating compassionate classrooms at Creative. We dedicate 15 hours every week to each teacher’s self-growth and transformation through well-planned and structured programs through individual and group sessions facilitated in a safe and empathetic ambience. For us, the well-being of a teacher contributes extensively to her/his presence in the classroom, and remains central to all our endeavours in making education meaningful for both, the teacher and the student. Hence every Sangha member is encouraged to follow the tenets of Dharma (duty with accountability) and Seva (service by going beyond the self) on a bedrock of Sadhana (self-care through self-responsibility).

We heartily invite individuals who are passionate about learning and who aspire through self-empowerment and growth to become change-makers in education to apply to varied positions open at Creative School at both our campuses – LG Lakedew and Freedom Land. We look for in teachers the ability to:

  • Transform and seek self-growth
  • Be flexible and adapt to changes and challenges, learn from challenges experiences
  • Learn as we teach; share learnings for innovation
  • Be a part of a growing sangha; take part in our community – work beyond the classroom.
  • Love children and help them rise up to challenges

For us, learning is sacred. The adult’s presence is held with utmost sanctity. Continued education and support are pivotal to the conscious living practices we imbibe in our Sangha. It is our strong spiritual foundation that gives us the direction, tools and inner drive to achieve this. Keeping this mission in our hearts, our sangha – our community of teachers and parents – are working towards co-creating our holistic learning spaces.

We request you to take out time to carefully review the scope and the depth of our work at Creative on our website (

Current Open Positions – Teaching and Non-teaching:

Teaching Positions:

Teachers who love children and are passionate to observe children learn are welcome to apply. Inspired by the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, we have curated an extremely well-thought through program, called The Sacred Classroom© Teacher Education Program aimed at facilitating self-empowerment through holistic well-being, inner transformation and growth along with discovering the joy of teaching and learning. This will help every new teacher joining our space understand the spiritual framework and the pedagogy of education at Creative. Every teacher is required to undertake this program that offers in-depth learning opportunities and in-service training for all our teachers.
Details of the teacher education program are available at

Teachers for LG Lakedew
The following positions are open for teachers to apply:

Teachers for Freedom Land
We are looking for:

  • Early Childhood Teachers – Kindergarten, first and second grade
  • Primary School Teachers – English, Music and Theatre
  • Upper Primary and Middle School Teachers – Humanities, Hindi, English, Performing Arts – Drama, Music, and Fine Arts.
  • High School Teachers – Biology, Chemistry,, Humanities, English Language, Accounting/Business Studies, and Performing Arts.

House Parents for Freedom Land Campus
At the Creative Farm School, Freedom Land, teachers can also join as House Parents for this residential facility. Depending on the different age groups a House Parent is responsible for the care of 8-12 children on campus. Teachers and Non-teaching adults who can multitask: are equipped with organization skills; can roll up their sleeves for different areas of work; are interested in child development and diverse needs; love children; and provide compassionate nurturing limits – are welcome to apply to the position of House Parent.

A House Parent –

  • Takes care of the general well-being of children s/he is in-charge of
  • Oversees and is concerned with all the tasks relating to personal care, boarding accommodation, meals, study, and recreation activities of children and adolescents in a residential establishment that s/he is responsible for

Administrative Positions:
We are looking for committed and hard working individuals in the following administrative functions who seek living and supporting through an eco-sustainable and earth-connected lifestyle:

Administrators for Creative School, LG Lakedew Campus and the Freedom Land Campus

  • Front Office Administrator
  • Admin Coordinator
  • Accountant
  • Purchase Officer
  • Inventory Manager
  • Librarian

Purchase Officer

We are looking for a Purchase Officer to join our dynamic and growing team. As Purchase Officer, you will be expected to carry out all the tasks allotted to you by the management, which may include research, negotiations, inspections and documentation. More detailed information is provided below.

The successful candidate will have about 3 to 5 years of experience as a Purchase Officer, and should be able to multitask and evaluate products and vendors. Ideal candidates will be smooth negotiators with a keen eye for detail.

Purchase Officer Responsibilities:

  • Conducting product research and sourcing and onboarding new suppliers and vendors
  • Sourcing appropriate materials, goods, products, and services
  • Negotiating the best or most cost-effective contracts and deals
  • Performing inventory inspections and reordering supplies and stock as necessary
  • Inspecting stock and reporting any faulty items or inconsistencies immediately
  • Updating and maintaining records of all orders, payments, and received stock
  • Coordinating with vendors and following up on delays or orders that have been rescheduled
  • Establishing professional relationships with vendors and suppliers
  • Regular handling of all operational and capital expenses
  • Integrate with the culture of our organisation and adapt to our ethos

Purchasing Officer Requirements:

  • Previous experience of about 3 to 5 years in a similar role
  • Strong knowledge of end-to-end commercial process
  • Working knowledge of the entire process from requisition till payment
  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite and email
  • Superb written and verbal communication and negotiation skills
  • Great organizational and planning skills
  • Excellent networking and time management skills
  • Good communication in English, Kannada, Tamil/ Telugu and Hindi

Senior Accountant

We are looking for a Senior Accountant to join our dynamic and growing team. As Senior Accountant, you will be expected to carry out all the tasks allotted to you by the management, details of which are provided below.

The successful candidate will have more than 5 years of experience as an Accountant as well as a Bachelor’s or Masters’ Degree in Commerce (BCom / MCom), as well as having a good knowledge of MS Office Suite and Quickbooks ERP.

Senior Accountant Responsibilities:

  • Handling day to day transactions in the ERP
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Ledger Reconciliations
  • Preparing Cash Flow Statement
  • Finalisation of Books
  • Handling Month-End and Year-End closure
  • Being first point of contact with the audit team
  • Integrate with the culture of our organisation and adapt to our ethos

Senior Accountant Requirements:

  • B Com or M Com Degree from a Tier 1 or Tier 2 University
  • Previous experience of more than 5 years in a similar role
  • Strong knowledge of MS Office Suite, especially MS Word and MS Excel
  • Strong knowledge of Quickbooks ERP
  • Superb written and verbal communication
  • Great organizational and planning skills


We are looking for an Accountant to join our dynamic and growing team. This position reports to a Senior Accountant. As Accountant, you will be expected to carry out all the tasks allotted to you by the management, details of which are provided below.

The successful candidate will have 0 to 3 years of experience as an Accountant as well as a Bachelor’s or Masters’ Degree in Commerce (BCom / MCom)

Accountant Responsibilities:

  • Preparing vouchers
  • Preparing Bank Reconciliations
  • Preparing debtors and creditors statement
  • Preparing Cash Reconciliation
  • Supporting audits
  • Preparing reports
  • Handling general accounting

Accountant Requirements:

  • B Com or M Com Degree preferred
  • Previous experience of 0 to 3 years in a similar role
  • Strong knowledge of MS Office Suite, especially MS Word and MS Excel
  • Strong knowledge of accounting ERP such as Quickbooks or Tally
  • Superb written and verbal communication

Please visit the website of Prajna Vidya Training Institute at to download the Application Form and register yourself for an open position if you are interested in joining Creative at either campus.

Benefits of Joining

  1. Conscious community – Self-empowering and conscious living space with time and opportunities for holistic well-being to ensure that you have the time and space to balance work with well-being through workshops, retreats, individual sessions, weekly Self-work sessions. 12 hours per week are completely dedicated to your growth, well-being, and transformation.
  2. Learning is sacred – Deep respect for the teacher and the teacher’s presence in the classroom allows every teacher to reclaim one’s dignity as a teacher. Our training processes are transformative – a teacher learns a new model of education.
  3. Free accommodation and living for teachers who opt to work at Freedom Land, a 34-acre eco-sustainable, conscious community space in simple, aesthetic ashram-like living quarters, with all modern, hygienic amenities and wholesome, organic vegetarian food.
  4. Opportunity to positively impact the environment through a life of minimized carbon footprint; engage in the many Seva opportunities through varied environment initiatives such as natural farming, afforestation and water shed management, sustainable waste treatment, natural organic cooking, and working with underprivileged children.

Please review the steps to enrol at The Healing Circle and at Creative School.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome you to join us in our endeavour to create a holistic educational space filled with joyful learning experiences for our children.

HR Team,
Healing Circle Trust