Careers at Creative School

Thank you for your interest to join us at Creative School, a unit of The Healing Circle Trust. You can read more about The Healing Circle to know about our holistic work.

Invitation to join the Sangha

At Creative we aspire to reclaim the dignity of every teacher; we deeply value the role of teachers in nation building, and world peace. We are proud to declare that the Teacher’s well-being remains central to co-creating compassionate classrooms at Creative. We dedicate 15 hours every week to each teacher’s self-growth and transformation through well-planned and structured programs through individual and group sessions facilitated in a safe and empathetic ambience. For us, the well-being of a teacher contributes extensively to her/his presence in the classroom, and remains central to all our endeavours in making education meaningful for both, the teacher and the student. Hence every Sangha member is encouraged to follow the tenets of Dharma (duty with accountability) and Seva (service by going beyond the self) on a bedrock of Sadhana (self-care through self-responsibility).

We heartily invite individuals who are passionate about learning and who aspire through self-empowerment and growth to become change-makers in education to apply to varied positions open at Creative School at both our campuses – North Bangalore and Freedom Land.

We look for in teachers the ability to:

  • Transform and seek self-growth
  • Be flexible and adapt to changes and challenges, learn from challenges experiences
  • Learn as we teach; share learnings for innovation
  • Be a part of a growing sangha; take part in our community – work beyond the classroom.
  • Love children and help them rise up to challenges

For us, learning is sacred. The adult’s presence is held with utmost sanctity. Continued education and support are pivotal to the conscious living practices we imbibe in our Sangha. It is our strong spiritual foundation that gives us the direction, tools and inner drive to achieve this. Keeping this mission in our hearts, our sangha – our community of teachers and parents – are working towards co-creating our holistic learning spaces.

We request you to take out time to carefully review the scope and the depth of our work at Creative on our website ( We provide immense support for conscious living and holistic health. If interested please visit the following pages: Enrolling as a Teacher and Teacher Education

Do reflect if this is a place for you.

Current Open Positions – Teaching and Non-teaching:

Teaching Positions:

Teachers who love children and are passionate to observe children learn are welcome to apply. Inspired by the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, we have curated an extremely well-thought through program, called The Sacred Classroom© Teacher Education Program aimed at facilitating self-empowerment through holistic well-being, inner transformation and growth along with discovering the joy of teaching and learning. This will help every new teacher joining our space understand the spiritual framework and the pedagogy of education at Creative. Every teacher is required to undertake this program that offers in-depth learning opportunities and in-service training for all our teachers. Details of the teacher education program are available at

Teachers applying to Creative School must be ready for holistic approaches to education aligned with the vision and mission of the school. Learning at Creative School is thematic, contextual and multicultural. Lessons, project-based work, inquiry-based investigations and discussions, class and small group interactions, art sessions, field trips, self-study are all a part of the sacred curriculum that develop a child’s learning and growth.Please review the activities of the

High school and Middle School positions are at Freedom Land:

We are looking for an experienced Middle and High school teacher who is deeply interested in working in alternative education paradigm with a strong spiritual foundation. This opening is for Freedom land – the residential campus.

High school

  • English Language and World Literature
  • Economics
  • Social Sciences
  • Music (classical – vocal and instrumental – in school and after school)
  • Classical Dance and Performing Arts (in school and after school)
  • College Counselor

Middle school

  • English and Humanities
  • Performing Arts – Drama, Music
  • Sports Teachers – Basketball and Football coaches
  • Special Education – for autism spectrum and LD specialists

Primary School

  • Hindi at North Bangalore Campus
  • English at North Bangalore Campus
  • Performing Arts – Drama, Music at both campuses
  • Special Education – for autism spectrum and LD specialists

Early Childhood Teachers (for 3-6 years of age) at both campuses

A House Parent @ Freedom Land

At the Creative Farm School, Freedom Land, teachers can also join as House Parents for this residential facility. Depending on the different age groups a House Parent is responsible for the care of 8-12 children on campus. Teachers and Non-teaching adults who can multitask: are equipped with organisation skills; can roll up their sleeves for different areas of work; are interested in child development and diverse needs; love children; and provide compassionate nurturing limits – are welcome to apply to the position of House Parent.

Takes care of the general well-being of children s/he is in-charge of
Oversees and is concerned with all the tasks relating to personal care, boarding accommodation, meals, study, and recreation activities of children and adolescents in a residential establishment that s/he is responsible for.

Administrators for Creative School, North Bangalore Campus and the Freedom Land Campus

We are looking for committed and hard working individuals in the following administrative functions who seek living and supporting through an eco-sustainable and earth-connected lifestyle:

  • Front Office Administrator at Freedom Land
  • Hospitality (culinary) Administrator at Freedom Land
  • Facilities Manager at Freedom Land
  • Admin Coordinator at Freedom Land
  • Accountant at Freedom land
  • Inventory and Purchase Assistant at Freedom Land
  • Librarians at both campuses
  • IT and Network Administrators at Freedom Land
  • Media Designers at both campuses
  • Web and publications Content editors
  • Nurse – Wellness Administrator at Freedom Land