Our Spiritual Guides

Spiritual Guides

Creative School has been blessed with the presence, guidance and support of  many spiritual masters. Our primary vision and inspiration came from  the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Their teachings about life and education sparked a new way of parenting and education. What began as a meditational experience of  Sri Aurobindo in Jayashree’s journey, became a strong force in establishing  the Creative School. Their writings about Integral education; divine energy and working with the whole child have deeply inspired and guided many of us. The Mother’s writings on how parents and teachers are role models to children bore great influence and  resulted in the Creative school establishing a healing centre as its heart , for all- parents and teachers as well : The healing centre named  Prajña Wisdom Centre encourages  us to perfect ourselves. Inspired by The Mother’s words, we have thus co-created a school which is a healing and transformative space for parents, teachers and children alike. 

Mahavatar Babaji and his energy presence that teaches us to live from love is a constant for all of us through the challenges and triumphs in our journey. We often feel the divine presence of this amazing Master during our trials and challenges. Through Leonard Orr, a disciple of Babaji , we have learnt to harness  our breath to go deeper within and heal our soul. We are grateful to Leonard Orr for spending a lot of time at Creative school and training us thoroughly. The entire  teaching community practices Conscious connected breathing along with spiritual purification practices to uplift our spirits. “Rebirthing breathwork”is  often used to help  overcome our inner barriers. Our children utilize breath work as a powerful tool to  release anything that no longer serves them and restore health. 

Teachers at Creative  continue to systematically study the teachings of many Masters to enhance the quality of our lives and work . Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi’s teachings on self realization through the  practices of silence and dis-identification with, “Who am I” have helped us greatly. Eckhart Tolle’s teachings on practising Presence guides us in our journey of recognizing and dissolving the ego.

We have received a tremendous amount of support, guidance and unconditional love from Dr. Newton Kondaveti in the formative years of the school. We are grateful to him for everything he has taught us. Dr. Newton’s workshops and teachings opened up new possibilities and helped us surmount inner barriers that are natural in such a journey. Jayashree’s training under him really helped Creative carve its own niche. Dr. Newton’s teachings have given teachers and parents a thorough practice for deconditioning and inner cleansing.

We have trained in spiritual science methods for transformation and energy healing with renowned spiritual scientists and energy healers. Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent communication or NVC has been a powerful tool used for compassionate communication in our community that works together so closely. Gary Craig’s processes for emotional healing and energy psychology have helped us tremendously to stay with the body and emerge from crisis. We acknowledge Cyntha Gonzalez for her training in art therapy. Kaya and Christiane Muller have guided us with their Plus Minus program for children. Jeffrey Allen teachings on energy healing, grounding and energy boundaries in relationships are integral to our school. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work on quantum science transformation  has led us to powerful tools  in our transformational journey.  Both adults and children use Dr. Patrick Porter’s innovative Brain Tap(™) meditations in our school.  

We are deeply grateful to all the pioneers of quantum and spiritual science. Their work has enriched our whole community – adults and children, and kept up abreast of trends emerging in energy medicine and spiritual science. The new trends in energy medicine leave us with a lot of hope for the future of humanity.