Sacred Curriculum: A Soul-based Education

“Any lesson has the possibility of touching our core – our soul” – The Sacred Classroom

A Soul-Based Education

The Sacred Curriculum inspires a child to follow the path of their soul. It is a soul-based, holistic curriculum that progresses over a period of time. In a Soul-based Education environment, a child becomes aware of  the changing states of human consciousness before reaching adulthood. The concept of such a curriculum is not based on just any subject – but the child’s journey itself, as they navigate their areas of interest. Children follow areas close to their heart and through this embark on authentic life experiences. Teachers hold the space and treat the child with equal respect as a soul experiencing a unique journey on earth.  Space is given to acknowledge the growth of the child’s  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social being –  all five beings are addressed as a child journeys to wholeness.  

The Sacred Curriculum, designed based on The Sacred Classroom, Four Step Learning Process and Co-Creating Sacred, is respectfully practiced by the teachers to create an environment  for  students to engage in abundant and beautiful experiences. Every attempt is made to observe the children’s natural seed energy as they journey through their experience in school. We have seen that each child’s unique potential evolves through time and their path  emerges beautifully as  the adults involved (parents and teachers) hold space for this.

A Heart Based Approach To Awaken The Soul Potential

Soul-based education, can lead a child to their inner soul purpose. Children are given the space to follow the path of their heart and natural interests. Universal synchronicities then begin to happen to help create projects in their area of interest. As they pursue their path – refinement of their inner being naturally happens and they get more and more in touch with their inner forces.  This heart based pursuit helps one stay connected to the inner (psychic/spiritual) being, eventually tapping into one’s soul  purpose and full potential. As one taps into the powerhouse of the soul – abundance, universal synchronicities and divine energy unfold in the path ahead.

A teacher holds the sacred space for each child’s potential to emerge. Each teacher’s awareness and observation power helps direct the student’s learning with an abundance of faith.

As this work is continuously consecrated by the teacher, each person owns their learning and finds strength to refine their own values. Through this in-depth journey, a pupil’s spiritual being awakens to  the inherent soul wisdom and  finds meaning to life on earth. Children have the opportunity to dissolve the ego and consecrate their learning for the highest good of all, themselves and others.

Inner Being – An Essential Part of the Sacred Curriculum

At Creative, a child’s spiritual being is addressed age appropriately all the way from Jasmine (3-6 year olds) to the Cosmos (16-18 year olds). The Life and Living Curriculum is a carefully designed curriculum across all ages. By the time children  leave Creative at 18 years of age, they are truly ready to witness  their soul awakening to a unique purpose on earth. The inner being requires silence and other ways in which one can listen to our inner being.

Various methods are offered to children – meditation, self awareness,  chanting, affirmations, service (seva), gardening, gratitude, emotional wellbeing techniques, mindfulness tools, and connecting with mother earth, father sky, all the five elements to establish the connection with their inner self. These form an essential part of the curriculum.