Lotus (10 – 12 year olds)


A Lotus child is eager and has an inner quest to know and learn more about the world around. As a child comes into the age of puberty, the soul purpose acts through an inner transformation that is exhibited in the outer realm. A child becomes self conscious and starts seeing themselves as separate being from the surroundings. A child shows independence, exhibits the ability to express clear emotions, thoughts and begins to form an identity. 

The learning environment that is provided here aims to cultivate individual freedom,  passions, talents, and develop the intellectual being, while supporting age appropriate skill development. Engaging in sports, arts, music, dance, and theatre provides an opportunity for the ego-strength of a child to be exhibited through  passion.  Children of this age group love experimentation with a keen sense of will-power that builds habits, character and memory. Their intellectual being likes to pursue logic and they enjoy working on projects with rigour and strength. 

The curriculum is structured to provide space for self-directed learning. Parents and teachers are Anchors, and as the natural authority of worldly knowledge and nurture the required amount of independence and will power in children to help them succeed.