The Sacred Classroom


“Who a teacher is impacts the classroom just as much as what she teaches. The presence of an aware and yet, a very loving teacher is a precious gift to children” – Jayashree Ashok


“The first thing to do, in order to be able to educate a child, is to educate oneself,
to become conscious and a master of oneself so that one never sets a bad example to one’s child.”
The Mother

It is time for a new beginning in how we approach education, teaching, learning and our work with children. It is time to reclaim a sense of Sacred in our classrooms! Who a teacher is, has a strong impact on the classroom. A teacher’s inner being, presence and energy in the classroom impact the learning environment. The Sacred Classroom, created by Jayashree Ashok, honours a teacher’s journey in class and acts as a guidepost for the evolution of consciousness in him/her and in the classroom. The Sacred Classroom provides the foundational seven spiritual principles for teachers to practise and centre themselves in. This helps bring the sacredness into a classroom and support unhindered, pure learning. This also brings about deep awareness and transformation in who the teacher is and on how teaching and learning happens. Consistent application of these principles keep our ways of functioning pure and effective.

Four Step Learning

The Four Step Learning Process, created by Jayashree Ashok, addresses growth and learning towards physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wisdom. This process helps children tune in and consciously connect one hundred percent to the lesson. The Four Step Learning process makes learning fun, holistic, effective, in-depth and comprehensive. Using the Four Step Learning process, every student owns their learning as all students get opportunities to learn and absorb. Every student feels included as the topic is addressed in multiple ways in an immersive, joyful and non – punitive atmosphere.

Co-Creating Sacred

Living and learning at Creative happens through the five cornerstones of Co-Creating Sacred, a pedagogy created by Jayashree Ashok: practicing the principles of the Sacred Classroom, approaching learning using the Four Step Learning process, giving time for teacher wellbeing, creating a sacred environment with a good flow of energy and using Learning Design Centres, created by Reshma Madhusudan, to support multigrade and multilevel learning. 

Creative’s classrooms facilitate a harmonious flow for learning. A Sacred Environment helps restore and redirect  energy in an intentional manner, balances the left and right brain of students,  promoting intuitive and focussed learning.

The integration of natural materials in a  classroom is the key to a sacred classroom that honours the five elements – space, air, fire, water and earth.  

We recognise that for children to be stress free and work at their highest potential, they need to have a sense of flow – a state of involvement in which both time and fatigue disappear. The flow of energy, creates interest, and serves as a catalyst for “readiness” of work and for higher levels of skills to be explored and synthesised.  

Let’s Co-create Sacred together in our Classrooms. Our children as well as we deserve this!