Freedom Land


With a vision to make Conscious Learning and Living possible in larger communities, this academic year (AY 21-22) we, at Creative School have embarked on this new campus, Freedom Land, at Kalkunte Village, Doddaballapur district, Karnataka. Starting this academic year, our Middle School and High School have been functioning mainly out of the Freedom Land campus.

Freedom Land is a centre for conscious living – a community space dedicated to inner freedom and outer productivity. Through collaborative work and individual transformation, Freedom Land inspires us to transcend personal boundaries and co-create a better world for our children: one of empowerment, peace and harmony, where each of us plays the role scripted perfectly for our journey. The campus supports holistic education that fosters holistic development – of the mind, body and soul – of the community at large.

This eco-residential space for community living is built on a gentle hillside of 34 acres, located a little over an hour away from Bangalore city. The space offers vast vistas of the nearby hills of North Bangalore cascading further into the hills and fields of Karnataka with an adjoining forest reserve, alongside many famous and ancient sites in its close environs.

Over the last 4 years, our founders, Jayashree and Ashok have lead our staff, parents and students to partake in afforestation, natural farming, watershed management, eco-construction, and conscious living. Through the pandemic, Jayashree and Ashok have worked relentlessly with our Sangha as well as volunteers through re-greening initiatives and eco-construction to have this space ready for a healthy start of a school in these turbulent and unpredictable times of the ‘new normal’. More work in the form of laboratory spaces, a second school building, housing, retreat centre, sports facility, and solar kitchen are underway for a world-class green campus life.

Currently students live a healthy and holistic routine everyday at the Creative Farm School and the surrounding farms and play areas. The farm school has ample indoor and semi-outdoor spaces for meditation, boarding, recreation and studies. The entire space is supplied by solar energy for electricity with ample water to meet the daily living and farming needs at Freedom Land. Water is carefully conserved through careful usage and recycling. The school has a vibrant kitchen, with staff that provides sumptuous, organic and fully vegetarian meals including fresh fruit smoothies, hot breakfasts, a spread of sattvic lunches, snacks and dinners.

Students on campus have shared their joy of experiencing: beautiful sunrises and sunsets; moon rises with abundant stars in open skies; full moon nights; resting in silence on rocks; working alongside farmers to reap the gifts of the soil; studying in quietude with certitude – all while being a part of this collective aspiration. Waking up at 6AM, students receive a warm glass of kashayam (a home-made herbal immunity drink) before the sunrise meditation,. They have ample time for seva activities and cleaning up for the day before the start of classes. Students also have time to pursue their own interests at different times, and play basketball, frisbee, practise exercise routines, engage in dance and music. Night-time study is quiet and focused. Students are off to bed between 9:30 PM and 10 PM. Overall we see students coming back to health and wellness of the whole body as each works at a pace that helps them grow to their fullest potential. The ambience provides for both the student and the adult, to emerge with strength and confidence to take up their unique position in the world. Come, join us in the journey of conscious co-creation!

We look forward to your support in this journey of co-creation, and in sharing the joy of abundance for future generations through soul-based education. Do reach us to know more about the detailed plan for our work Freedom Land.