Teacher Education


The Sacred Classroom© Teacher Education Program – (prajnavidya.org/join)
The Sacred Classroom© Teacher Education Program is committed to your well-being as a teacher first and helps you to re-energize to facilitate learning in a compassionate classroom. Ours is a space dedicated to Consciousness, Personal Spiritual development, and Inner Awareness. We are a community space or Sangha committed to the spirit of collaboration and working through challenges using our spiritual framework, The Sacred Classroom©. To equip ourselves with the essence of our spiritual, pedagogical framework, this holistic in-service training program has been designed and developed in-house led by our founder, Jayashree Ashok.

Benefits of the Program
The Sacred Classroom© treats life itself as a classroom; it offers a guidepost for the evolution of our consciousness as we work together in a community space. The complete series of workshops and retreats in this in-service education program culminates in the certification of The Sacred Classroom© Teacher Education Program. The program offers an immersion in Creative’s spiritual framework and pedagogy. This will also help you with the mindfulness required for working collaboratively in a Sangha while giving you tools and processes for conscious, holistic living. Along with teacher self-development through the varied transformative courses, the teacher education program covers the implementation of Creative’s Trilogy – educational pedagogy including The Sacred Classroom, Four-Step Learning, and Cocreating Sacred.

There are two levels in this education program for teachers which spans over the first three years after a teacher joins Creative School. Level 1 courses include foundational mandatory courses to teach in a classroom. Level 2 courses continue to build upon the Level 1 foundations and truly address the holistic integral nature of life and education.