Wisdom Circles

A time for ongoing holistic development of teachers, introspection, awareness for wellbeing of ourselves as teachers and in the classroom.


The Healing Circle trust, the parent body of Creative School, has been created with a clear intention — a path of Karma Yoga fully supported by meditation, awareness and our divine journey towards inner freedom while engaging in constructive outer work useful for society in our area of strength.

Weekly Wisdom Circles and Self Work at Creative are particularly important parts of such a journey. They offer time for us to pause and bring attention inwards. They are dedicated time available for our personal growth as we grow in awareness, consciousness, and our own wellbeing.

Self-Work offers an exploration of Spiritual Wisdom Topics. This is a dedicated time to learn from the spiritual teachings of many masters and honour ourselves as complete human beings.

Wisdom Circles offer a PAUSE to grow in Awareness of where we are operating from. These are the applications of the Sacred Classroom principles on a regular basis to bring compassion, abundance, respect and divine energy into our ways of functioning.