Jasmine (3-6 year olds)


In the Jasmine classroom, children  come in with their own being connected to the Divine consciousness and are ready to fully absorb all experiences. As the childrens’ connection to the physical world around them is in the formative years, they need unconditional love, goodness and respect for the right foundation from teachers and parents who stay in a state of conscious awareness.

Generally, children who come into the Jasmine class are  parting from  their primary caregiver(s) for the first time. Hence, our aim is to first and foremost help children  feel safe and secure in our space and  build trust in this physical realm. 

Children at this age have a very active imagination realm, that needs teachers  to listen deeply with an abundance of time and energy. They are given plenty of time for free play, repetitive and simple routines which help them connect to their own presence on Mother Earth. Nature walks, chants, songs, arts, and stories help their spirit stay alive and pure.  A child at this age likes to imitate and learn in that process; the adult models and creates a right environment for imitation. Their senses are challenged to draw out from within. The classroom environment and the fun-filled, play-based work aims to give children abundant opportunities for developing their senses.

During this exploratory stage, guiding children to develop the right nurturing limits helps establish healthy autonomy and ability to take initiatives. The highest preparation of the teacher is to honor the spirit of the child. The parent or teacher is like a priest – sacred, retaining the divinity of the young ones!