Sacred Teens


Teen Circle is a special offering for teenagers at Creative School who are enrolled in the Cosmos program. It is a safe space offered for them to explore their hearts and soul and understand themselves better.

By learning to look within our teens gradually develop Spiritual Wisdom – the capacity to investigate the connection between inner self and outer experiences. They learn to introspect and understand the root causes of what happens in their lives in a safe and respectful manner, helping them face challenges and make wise choices for themselves. They acknowledge themselves as complete human beings – body, mind, emotions and soul, developing emotional intelligence. Teen Circle helps our teens learn to manage their emotional wellbeing grow in understanding themselves and others through various practices for managing mind, body, emotions, and they learn to approach physical health holistically.

This magazine offers a glimpse into the different areas the children have selected, researched, and grown within themselves. It is a rich collection of articles completely written by our children through their own research and experiences. They share this wisdom after applying these concepts in their own lives. We truly hope this magazine can help you understand the wisdom explorations of our teenagers and help many more. Enjoy reading!