Special Educational Needs Policy


1. Brahmakamal Learning Centre works collaboratively with Program Advisors & Coordinators in addressing the Learning needs of the children

2. Creative seeks to empower all its students to take a full part in its community, its life, decision-making and learning, as equals. Creative has an inclusive & semi inclusive model for children with learning gaps. Creative does not label children SEN as all children are seen to have different needs and our community, its environment and values, addresses many of these needs.

3. Children are part of the group as per the age & Individualized Education plan ( IEP) is prepared with the consensus of the class pillars & parents.

4. Prajna Wisdom Centre works along with Brahma Kamal centre to plan the emotional support needs for the child &  Healing sessions are planned

5. Creative offers children, according to need and desire, teaching in small groups, and if necessary supplementary lessons on a one to one basis.

6. Creative sees good teaching, using multi-sensory approaches and individualised to the needs of the child as the main way to assist children to overcome learning problems, with the child negotiating their learning. 

7. Beginning of the academic year,  All children are monitored/ observed  for problems that may interfere with the right of the child to learn. Fortnight SEN meetings with the class pillars & BK team discuss the needs and plan the learning sessions/ IEP/ Healing sessions.

8. Recommendations around diagnostic tests are discussed during the meetings. Parents are notified if necessary. 

9. With the  inclusive classrooms,  with individual monitoring and reflective teaching, we support children  according to their needs and provide evidence for exams.

10. The principal/Program Advisor – Brahmakamal has overall responsibility to oversee the implementation of this policy