School Traditions: Day at Creative

We consider you as our co-partners in the journey & look forward to creating a strong collaboration partnership with you and your child. This will help foster their individuality, determination, and passion in a loving and nurturing community.

Please find below the logistical details and other important information:

1. School timings:

At Creative we have always maintained a balanced approach towards academics, sports and extracurricular activities. Bearing this in mind and in order to incorporate the different needs and requests of the children, the school has a different working time for different class groups. 

For the Parijatha, Lotus, Sunflower, Ixora, Cosmos groups: 

  • Monday to Thursday: 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For the Jasmine, Aster, Orchid groups: 

  • Monday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM
  • Friday from 8:00 AM to 2: 30 PM.

Morning Start Time:
For children not using the school transport, please make sure the children are dropped by 7:50 am at school. We would like all the children to join the morning group circle time and start their day with ease. You are requested to ensure that your child reaches school at 7:50 am every day in time for the Morning Prayer, which is an integral part of our school day. So, we request you to wake up the children bright and early to be at school on time. 

All admin and teachers and some high school students work on Saturdays. Saturdays are community days during which there are regular meditation and other training courses sessions in the areas of self-work and teaching/learning.

2. Dress Code:

Our school is a community of diverse cultures and we like to nurture respect and care for each other. We do not have a uniform. Children wear clothes that are representative of their own soul journeys. Colours and self expression through what they like to wear help heal and grow themselves. Parents are required to take care to ensure appropriateness and simplicity in the child’s dress.  We encourage the expression of festivities via traditional dresses on celebration days.

On regular days please encourage your child to wear comfortable walking shoes and comfortable clothes. In our premise, we stay barefooted. Connecting to Mother Earth through our feet helps us ground and build our own bodies. Children go for short walks outside the school premises during which we ask them to wear their footwear. Please ensure your child wears shoes/specific footwear for sports days. 

Children must wear leggings along with shorts and skirts, unless they are wearing knee length shorts or full pants. Girls are not allowed to wear spaghetti strap dresses/tops. 

On days of celebrations or festivals children are requested to come in their traditional attire as this rings in an air of festivity in the community.

3. Phones / Tablets/ Laptops

If your child has to carry a mobile phone on her/him, it has to be informed to the class pillars. The phones need to be deposited at the office at the start of the day and can be collected at home time. It must be switched off and only switched on after school hours if in the case of an emergency. If children carry phones, they cannot use them in the vans/bus for any purpose other than emergency calls with the consent of the adult in the van/bus. 

 Children are not allowed to carry iPad, tabs, iPod, mp3 players, cameras, psps, or any other media equipment, unless otherwise required in class for learning. Please inform the class teacher if any of these items are sent for specific project/study purposes. 

For more details please refer to Healthy Digital Citizenship.

4. Homework

Sometimes, homework is sent via email correspondence between teachers and children. If you would prefer we copy you on their homework assignments sent over email, please let us know and we will gladly copy you on those emails. Children can email us on homework assignments whenever it is required and ask questions over email. We will not be able to respond to SMS messages on specific homework questions after 7:00 pm.

 When we send homework assignments that require the internet, we will definitely send specific sites as reference sites. Free ‘google’ searches are not a recommended way of researching for homework assignments/projects. We have often heard that kids search for images for projects and this process can be quite a confounding time on the web! Please help your child understand internet browsing etiquette.

For more details please refer to Healthy Digital Citizenship.

5.  Food at Creative

Please help your child have a good healthy sleep cycle as much as possible. If their sleep cycles affect their learning and being times at school, we will be happy to discuss ways to help at home.

Unless your child has specific diet needs or has an extra-long bus ride to school, we do not recommend sending snacks to be eaten at school. If the bus ride is especially long and there is a genuine need, we recommend that the child eats their snack at school in case of early arrival or we will make time for a short snack break right after the morning meditation.

6. Birthdays @ Creative

The whole school wishes children on their birthdays at the morning assembly. You can send small sweets for your class group and the school staff. We are a vegetarian school. In case of cake cutting in a classroom, we request an eggless and creamless cake. You are also welcome to donate towards lunchtime, with a  for the whole school on your child’s birthday. Please inform your child’s teachers at least two days before the celebration day.

7. Going home routine

Children riding their bikes to school must wear helmets and lock their bikes at the cycle-stand outside the gate. All parents’ drop/pick vehicles must be parked in the assigned parking space near the LG gate.

If there is any change in pick up and/or drop, please inform at the front office before 2:45pm on that day. 

Please note the Parent drop and pick up location: It is mandatory that parents who drop their children by car, must drop them at the LG community gate. No cars are allowed inside the LG Lake Dew Layout. Children have to walk down towards the school. At home time, parents will have to park their cars outside the LG gate and walk to the campus gate for pick up. We request you to not enter the school premises during pick up and drop in times. 

Request you to abide by these rules to help the entire community.

8. Leave of absence

Leave information can be communicated through email and written in the agenda book. Unless it’s a sick leave, please inform the class teachers of the absence at least 2 days in advance; this helps the class pillars  to be in sync and plan accordingly.

9. Contact info during office hours

In case of pre-planned or in-situ planned sleepovers, the parents of the children must call/email/sms both the transport coordinator and the front office administrator ahead of time to help us be clear on travel arrangements. Parents need to plan for the transport, the school is not responsible for the transport needs.

Class Pillars will not be having access to their cell phones during the day. You could reach them through the front office at school for any emergency during the school hours.

If you would like to talk in person with the class pillar, appointments can be scheduled by emailing the class or scheduling through the front office administrator. 

Front office timings are between 8 am to 3.45 pm.

Contact details:

Phone: +91 78999 17211

10. Others:

During class hours, if you need to reach your respective class pillars please do contact the front office administrator, as the teachers are in class with the children and will not be able to receive calls.

In case of any concerns regarding your child, you are welcome to email regarding the same to the class pillars and mark a copy to the respective group  Program Advisor.

On days when there are specific sports activities including karate, children must come with appropriate clothing, water bottles and socks+shoes.

Any textbooks, library books, id-cards, that are lost will have to be replaced at cost. Damaged library or reference books will also incur a replacement charge.

Children are recommended to come with their water bottles and stationary kit: A good ink pen, pencil, colours, glue, scissors, ruler, etc. The stationary kit needs to remain in the class only for daily use in the school. Ink pens will be kept at a designated place in the class and shall be given to the children as and when required by the teachers. 

Ensure your child carries small bags as they don’t have too many books to carry back and forth every day between school and home.