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Ashok is the Founder and Chairperson of the Creative school, along with his wife, Jayashree Ashok, who is the Founder and Director of the Creative School and the Pragya Healing Wisdom Centre. Their two daughters, Manasa and Sambhavi study at Creative. They live next door to the school along with their three Golden Labradors!

After growing up in Bangalore, Ashok graduated from IIT Madras and the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a computer scientist. A software engineer by profession, Ashok worked at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington for a number of years before relocating to his hometown of Bangalore, in 2007.  Ashok currently teaches on a voluntary basis at Creative while continuing to work full-time as the Director of Development at Microsoft Research India. 

While in the US, Jayashree and Ashok co-founded the Seattle chapter of Asha for Education, a non-profit voluntary organization that partnered with and helped set up schools for the underprivileged in various parts of India. Asha was the beginning of their journey in education that culminated in the formation of the Creative School in 2010.

Ashok is passionate about music, basketball (and sports in general), number & word puzzles, technology, and humor. In keeping with his passions, Ashok teaches basketball, mathematics, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) at school. He also helps Jayashree with Carnatic music classes once a week.

Ashok has trained under Dr. Newton Kondaveti of Life Research Academy in past life regression, inner child healing, and rebirthing breath work. He conducts 1:1 sessions as well as co-facilitates healing workshops over the weekends. In addition to training under Dr. Newton, Ashok has also trained in NVC, EFT, Dahn Yoga, Art of Living. He has also taken courses with Erik Berglund, Brandon Bays, and Kaya & Christiane Muller. He enjoys learning new things and loves being with children. The entire family is also fond of traveling and trying out new cuisine, as long as it is vegetarian!