DEAR - Drop Everything and Recharge


New Year greetings from all of us at Pragya Living Wisdom Centre. 

We wish you a joy-filled year of complete wellbeing, personal growth and progress in all aspects of life!

In the new year as we strive to find balance between work and personal commitments, let us make Wellness a priority. Regular practice of energizing, relaxing and detoxifying yourself will ensure that you are balanced, healthy, peaceful and energetic.

At Pragya we have quick and effective techniques which help you let go of accumulated stress, burden and worries and also recharge the body, mind and spirit; thereby creating a ripple effect of wellbeing in all aspects of your life. 

Pragya offers you a unique experience of complete wellbeing

D.E.A.R. “Drop Everything And Recharge”

on January 12th and 13th, 2018

All are welcome!

You may choose to participate in any of the individual programs listed below or join for the whole program from Friday to Saturday. 

Program on Friday 12th January
6pm to 7pm – Dynamic Dance meditation
7pm onwards – Fire practice, silence and fasting 
(Please note: accommodation for Friday night is available at a minimum charge of Rs. 200 per person. Please inform latest by Thursday if you need accommodation. Light dinner of fruits and kichidi will be provided.)

Program on Saturday 13th January
6:00am to 7:00am – Anapanasati meditation
9:00am to 11:00am – Fireside (Spiritual Purification with fire)
11:15am to 1pm - Breathing Circle
1:00pm – Lunch
4:00pm to 7:00pm – Wisdom Talk: “The Importance of Healing Your Inner Child" by Dr. Sheetal Patel


This is a monthly meet to share and learn spiritual wisdom that can create awareness and help us create positive transformation in all aspects of our lives. This includes sharing of soul wisdom, teachings from spiritual masters, mini-workshops, meditations, learning from experiences and helping each other in our journey.  All are welcome - beginners or experienced!

13th January Wisdom Talk Topic:
“The Importance of Healing Your Inner Child"

Some experiences from childhood remain unhealed in most of us, and they contribute to the conflicts and problems we experience as adults. Whether there was overt abuse or neglect in our childhood, or more subtle pressures and expectations, our psyches bear childhood wounds in the form of limiting belief systems, self sabotaging patterns, fears and insecurities. Inner Child Healing empowers us to make the shift from blame and victimhood, to take responsibility and heal our self. Healing from these wounds helps you blossom to your fullest potential. As you heal yourself, you will understand your children much better.

About the Speaker -

Dr. Sheetal Patel is a homoeopath with over a decade of experience. Her quest for physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health encouraged her to explore and integrate alternative forms of healing for wholeness. As a facilitator and healer at Pragya, she works with children and adults, offering sessions in Inner Child healing, Past Life Regression, and Rebirthing Breathwork.


Fire has played an important role in all ancient cultures. Fire has the unique ability to cleanse the mind and the body of the stresses and toxins that we carry, often completely unknown to us. These days in our routine life, we hardly get an opportunity to be with Fire. Fireside at Pragya is our offering to support beginners as well as practitioners to experience the magnificent healing power of FIRE. We welcome you to experience it as a time for silence, personal reflection and relaxation in an unconditional loving space. Fire, fasting and being in silence help us to go deeper within: to cleanse our energy, bring new life and rejuvenate the spirit.


Pragya offers DEAR as a gift once a month, a free event for those interested. If you wish to make a donation in the spirit of gratitude, we welcome your gesture wholeheartedly; it will contribute in our continued endeavor to offer this free service to the community.


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Pragya Living Wisdom Centre at Creative School 

Directions to the venue

Pragya Living Wisdom Centre (Creative School), Bangalore 560077.

From outer Ring road, turn North (towards Kothanur) on to Hennur road. Come down 4km on Hennur main road, till Byrathi Cross. Turn right. There is a Rama Lakshmana Sita Hanuman Arch at this turning (opposite to a small mall). There is a "Baghini" next to the arch. A little down this road, it splits – turn right. Follow winding road - curves to left. Go past SSR College. Past Yashban Farms. Past Fern Meadows. Diagonally Opposite Fern meadows is L. G Lake Dew. Inside L.G come to 4th cross.

Parking Instructions

Welcome to Pragya Living Wisdom Centre. LG Lake Dew Community has stringent parking instructions for inmates and visitors. To respect these community regulations, we request you to adhere to the following: 

·         Please park outside the LG Lake Dew gate and walk to the Centre; it is a pleasant walk to the Centre on most days.

·         In case someone needs to be dropped at the gate due to health/weather/other logistical reasons, please drop off at the Centre and park the vehicle outside the gate.

·         While parking ensure there is sufficient room for other cars/bikes to navigate.

We welcome you to DEAR and look forward to hear from you.

Warm regards

Pragya Team