Children’s Life University (CLU) presents

Healing the Child Within

An Introduction to Inner Child Transformation and Spiritual Parenting

Facilitators: Jayashree Ashok and B. Ashok

Within every one of us is a highly creative and playful inner self – our inner child. The inner child – our spiritual being dwells in our core. This child within is sensitive, full of wonder and discovery and can instinctively sense things beyond the five senses. As time goes on, our inner child runs into the demands of the adult world and gets buried. Along with it we gradually lose our creativity, sense of inner power and well-being.  Getting in touch with your inner child and liberating it is one of the most powerful spiritual transformations you can experience. This workshop helps you understand your journey, let go limiting beliefs and fears you may be carrying from your childhood and reclaim your creativity.

Healing the Child Within is a transformational workshop to heal your emotional wounds, understand your journey and let go limiting beliefs and fears you may be carrying from your childhood.

In addition to your own healing you will learn the principles of spiritual parenting and teaching. You will be introduced to the Art and Science of Raising Children Consciously. The principles of raising children from love instead of fear will help you parent effectively and holistically. This workshop will be a combination of theory and several healing processes.

The workshop contents are:

  • The Journey of the Soul
  • Awareness tools for conscious living
  • Past Impressions and Effect on You
  • Meet your WONDERFUL inner child
  • The Sutras of Childhood (Needs of your inner child)
  • Introduction to Inner Child Healing
  • Healing Emotional Wounds, Reclaiming and Nurturing Your Inner Child
  • Love Versus Fear Based Approaches
  • Identifying and Deconditioning Limiting Beliefs
  • Freeing your Creative Child
  • The Sutras of Spiritual Parenting
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Embracing the Whole – Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul