Emotional Healing and Well-being workshop

This workshop helps increase your awareness of your physical, emotional and mental connections within. Emotions are a natural part of the growth of our consciousness. Emotional Healing is a very important aspect of our journey of understanding and accepting ourselves. It is integral to living life fully and authentically with complete involvement.

This is the beginning of a journey of the consciousness towards wellness and love based living. This workshop is really valuable in handling your relationship with yourself and relationships at home and/or at work. Many areas of our lives including physical illnesses have emotional roots. In this workshop you will get to learn practical tools that can help you heal emotionally..

The 2 day program includes theory and practical sessions

  • Connecting beings - recognizing the various parts of ourselves
  • Awareness of our emotions - how emotions manifest in our physical and mental states
  • The power of observation and connecting with our emotions.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique, different approaches.
  • Understanding empathy processes
  • Acceptance of emotions
  • Role of emotions in relationships
  • Foundational principles of Non-Violent Communication
  • Practice of deep listening
  • Moral and Value Judgments and how these affect our emotional healing.
  • Daily Practical suggestions
  • Meditations

The practical tools introduced in the workshop will create an awareness of our feelings and reactions. With mindfulness we will gently accept and let go the negative emotions stored within us. Awareness and releasing negative emotions stored with these images is a powerful way of experiencing peace within ourselves. Working on ourselves automatically reflects in our relationships at many different levels. Come and join us as we realize a state of calmness and personal peace towards valid actions that then become possible!

Who is it for?

The workshop is for individuals, professionals, teachers, parents and anyone who wants to learn how healing can help us in our life’s journey. Learn how to apply these principles in your everyday life. Therapists and Healers who work with others will find these simple tools very useful to integrate with many healing processes. This is a practical workshop not just theoretical.

So please do come if you are prepared to experience and be open to new approaches. Do come if you are willing to look within yourself. This process cannot just be understood intellectually and needs to be personally experienced. If you often find peace in spiritual pursuits but find yourself struggling with negative emotions in everyday situations, this workshop is for you :)