1000 Together

Celebrating Children's Day on 14th Nov, 2018 with the launch of '1000 together' at Creative School’s & Prajna Wisdom Centre's new campus at Freedom Land, Doddaballapur.

Creative - A School Home 

Creative is a conscious community and holistic school for children, parents, and teachers located in North Bangalore. Creative was founded by B. Ashok and Jayashree Ashok in 2010 along with a dedicated founding team of Reshma Madhusudan, Rathy Nair, and Dhivya Naren.Many parents and teachers came together to help us co-create this space. From the very beginning, our vision has been blessed with the spiritual guidance of many masters. Originally inspired by the teachings of "Sri Aurobindo and The Mother" in their series on Integral Education, in our formative years, we were blessed to have the guidance of Dr. Newton Kondaveti - who showed us the way to awaken our inner wisdom. Creative has been blessed to receive the guidance of many Spiritual Guides and Mentors. Our deepest gratitude to every teacher who has shaped us into what we are today.

Our community is dedicated to raising children consciously while providing a strong foundation for their spirit. Keeping this vision in our hearts, our sangha -our community of teachers and parents -are working towards co-creating such a space. It is our strong spiritual foundation that gives us the direction, tools and inner drive to achieve this.

You may click here to view a longer version of the above video to know more about the Creative School. 


Holistic Education

Holistic education empowers us to live our lives fully by bringing awareness to all aspects of our life - body, mind, emotions, and soul. As human beings, we live on earth with many needs - spiritual, material, and emotional. Conventional education often reduces us to human bodies, mainly catering to our material needs. The soul gets trampled upon in this process and we lose our inherent strength and direction. Our attempt is to first integrate and acknowledge ourselves holistically while raising our children from this consciousness. We learn to become aware of all aspects of our being and ways to navigate successfully in this physical world. As we get in touch with all parts of us, a new vitality and confidence are born. We return to our inner source of strength and empowerment. We strive to inspire and encourage children to become abundant and conscious creators of their own lives with each following their own unique path and empowered by their inner voice and strength.soul and their inner voice and strength.