Whole School Routines


Children and teachers meet in the mornings for meditation, chants, circle time and songs.  The groups meet in the afternoon for a closing routine inclusive of EFT, gratitude, music and self-reflection time. The school meets once a week in the afternoon for an assembly for presentations, announcements and updates from different activities of the groups.

Understanding responsibility and learning

A child flourishes when (s)he understands her/his role in it. A child learns best when (s)he is a part of a larger cooperative and collaborative community. Students are encouraged to accept and share responsibility in various ways. Students are be expected to

  • Wash plates and help in the kitchen activities in turn.
  • Clean their classrooms and materials.
  • Arrange flowers and do gardening on the school campus.
  • Understand the balance between choice time and mandatory lesson time
  • Complete a minimal amount of homework per week

Field trips

Outdoor experiences are an essential part of our curriculum. The heart space and reflective / experiential learning through such exposures are weaved along with the curriculum for the term in perspective. These include short nature walks, long stays, visiting of heritage sites, museums, parks, sustainable community organizations, and natural environments. Teachers supervise trips that are often in partnership with the communities we visit.  Parent volunteers are welcome and parents will be duly informed of trips and requirements.


Creative School’s Library is key to the self-learning process. It is a resource for children, teachers, parents, and surrounding communities. We have fictional and non-fictional books, documentaries, movies, learning aids, and audiotapes that support our learning journey. At Creative School, students and parents can form book clubs, and engage in discussions and activities on Saturdays as well.  The Library is open for neighboring communities and serves as means of interaction for our school community with neighboring communities. We welcome parental involvement for maintaining a Weblog of Library explorations and book discussions.