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Our Dear Parents and Friends,

We are writing to you to invite your participation in helping co-create a better world for our children! As many of you are already aware, Creative School teaches holistic, peaceful and sustainable living practices.  

Can we all come together to co-create a better world for our children? Creative School’s new campus will be on Freedom Land (named by our children). Dedicated to our Gurus, our collaborative vision is to co-create a Centre for Conscious Living – Inner and Outer. Let us join hands and truly create a beautiful and peaceful space for our children as they inherit this world. 

Many of you are already working towards creating Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity in your own lives – in your homes and communities. While every individual effort is precious, we now have an opportunity to work together and manifest a much larger space and vision. We have identified many areas of transformative work as listed below.  Each of these will bring in more conscious and peaceful living.

1000 Together initiative will begin on 14th Nov 2018 at Creative School’s & Pragya Living Wisdom Centre's new campus at Freedom Land, Doddaballapur:

      -        Afforestation - planting 10 acres in the new campus with indigenous trees

      -        Renewable Energy Technology – installation of Solar panels, water recycling, waste     

               management, etc. with the intention of minimizing carbon footprint

      -        Natural Farming – growing organic food for children and the community

      -        Pond and Wetland Habitats – sharing our home with birds and animals

Every child and human being has their own unique potential and yet now we can build this dream together with our various talents. The power of collective effort far exceeds the sum of the individual efforts. Therefore, a creative process is at its very best when like-minded people join to collaborate.  

A Thousand Souls Together!

It is time for us to come together to take the next steps. We need donations and volunteer efforts to help in the above areas. Can we all join hands and do this? If a thousand of us come together and contribute whatever possible (suggestions below) we can manifest a world we have dreamed of for our children.

Here’s how you can contribute towards “1000 Together”:

-        Donate Rs. 1000 every month for a year

-        Donate as a single donation any amount of your choice

-        Donate tree saplings - after consultation with our Natural Farming team

-        Contribution however small, we receive with gratitude

-        Spread the word – the plan is to reach out to 1000 people and inspire them to join this initiative

Every contribution counts! Together, we can do it! We look forward to your support.

Account details for donation -

            Account Name    :   The Healing Circle

            Account Number :   041594600000714

            IFSC Code          :   YESB0000415

            Branch                :   Bannerghatta Branch


Please contact us for more details. 

Creative Team