Tree Planting on Freedom Land

November 2019

Join us as we celebrate Children's Day at the Freedom Land

Sacred Classroom - a Pedagogy for Sustaining Value Based Education

May 2019

Listen to Jayashree Ashok speak on the Sacred Classroom at the Global Education Conference held in May 2018  at Satya Sai Ashram, Muddenahalli, near Bangalore. Jayashree Ashok was a key member of the Global Education Conference on Value Based Education for a Better World  in May 2019. The conference was attended by many leaders who are working on holistic ways to look at what Education must bring out in children in the current age. The conference addressed spiritual, emotional learning as being central to education. In this regard, after a round table discussion one afternoon, Jayashree spoke on The Sacred Classroom in an evening panel discussion on 'Building a Sustainable Value Based Global Education model', along with other eminent educators and change makers from across the world. 

An update on 1000 together campaign launch

November 2018

When your four-year-olds crop up an idea of tree plantation, you know your meadow will flourish for a long time. The outset of ‘1000 Together’ stemmed from this need of joint action, realized by children and adults alike. With the cooperation of many parents, teachers, students, friends and families, we engrossed ourselves in the premiere of this meadow.

70 people camped overnight on Freedom Land at Doddaballapur grounds to wake in the early hours of Children’s Day for tree plantation. The ease and love for work already resolved in them as they prepared for evening snacks, dinner and night-fire-meditation. The bodies felt capable and strong-willed.

After star gazing (we all witnessed Saturn in all its glory through a telescope), song singing, lantern lighting and sumptuous eating, there was much to look forward to - children sat in groups for silent meditation, Kabir recitation and afterlife inspection, all equally in admiration of the open space and giddy with excitement about their aspirations and connections to the space.

In the morning, little feet, the asters and jasmines, treaded the tillage seeding their dreams at The Freedom Land; older kids walked with digging poles and hoes, brimming with optimism for the future. Little hands carried tools larger than themselves, spurred on by the dream of creating their own little forest. The inner farmer in each volunteer parent (Cheers to them!) came alive as they arduously ploughed for the dreams of their child.

 75 saplings of coconut, lemon, banana, cherry, starfruit, neem, curry leaves, guava, and other native species were planted that morning along with a purpose in each heart “You bear a significant importance to humanity.”

We invite you and look forward to joining hands with us as we build ‘1000 Together’. 

Celebrating Children's Day on 14th November with the launch of '1000 Together'

October 2018

Our Dear Parents & Friends

We are writing to you to invite your participation in helping co-create a better world for our children! As many of you are already aware, Creative School teaches holistic, peaceful and sustainable living practices. 

Can we all come together to co-create a better world for our children? Creative School’s new campus will be on Freedom Land (named by our children). Dedicated to our Gurus, our collaborative vision is to co-create a Centre for Conscious Living – Inner and Outer. Let us join hands and truly create a beautiful and peaceful space for our children as they inherit this world. Many of you are already working towards creating Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity in your own lives – in your homes and communities. While every individual effort is precious, we now have an opportunity to work together and manifest a much larger space and vision. We have identified many areas of transformative work as listed below.  Each of these will bring in more conscious and peaceful living.

1000 Together initiative will begin on 14th Nov, 2018 at Creative School’s & Pragya Living Wisdom Centre's new campus at Freedom Land, Doddaballapur:

  • Afforestation – planting 10 acres in the new campus with indigenous tree
  • Renewable Energy Technology – installation of Solar panels, water recycling, waste management, etc. with the intention of minimizing carbon footprint
  • Natural Farming – growing organic food for children and the community
  • Pond and Wetland Habitats – sharing our home with birds and animals

Every child and human being has their own unique potential and yet now we can build this dream together with our various talents. The power of collective effort far exceeds the sum of the individual efforts. Therefore, a creative process is at its very best when like-minded people join to collaborate.  

A Thousand Souls Together!

It is time for us to come together to take the next steps. We need donations and volunteer efforts to help in the above areas. Can we all join hands and do this? If a thousand of us come together and contribute whatever possible (suggestions below) we can manifest a world we have dreamed of for our children.

Here’s how you can contribute towards “1000 Together”:

  • Donate Rs. 1000 every month for a year
  • Donate as a single donation any amount of your choice
  • Donate tree saplings - after consultation with our Natural Farming team
  • Contribution however small, we receive with gratitude
  • Spread the word – the plan is to reach out to 1000 people and inspire them to join this initiative

Every contribution counts! Together, we can do it! We look forward to your support.

Please contact us at for more details. 

A Happy Announcement!

August 2018

Jayashree, Ashok, Reshma, Sumita, and Aruna represented Creative School at the International College Career and Counseling Conference (IC3 conference - hosted by KICUnivassist in New Delhi last week. The conference brought together high schools and universities for collaboration on counseling practices for students' higher education and their career paths in many fields. 
We are really happy to announce that amongst the 200 schools present at the conference, we were honored and given recognition for our holistic education offerings, innovative curriculum approach, sustainability, and commitment to parent and teacher education. Being one of the only two schools to receive this honour, our school‘s video ( was broadcasted and well received during the closing ceremony. 
Jayashree and Ashok were given deep appreciation for having the courage and being selfless to create something unique for young India’s education. It was a special moment! 
The schools present were some of the best known international schools, long standing CBSE and ICSE nationwide schools, and many alternative schools. Mindfulness, wellbeing and stress management for kids was something that many schools are wanting to include and we received many queries from these schools on our training that allows us to implement these at Creative. With a participation of around 750 educators, (including  ~140 universities from India and abroad), the conference also exposes schools to well designed and empathetic ways of counseling students towards choices that make sense to them.  
Creative also co-presented one of the breakout sessions with Dr Raja Guha Thakurta and Michelle Whittingham of the University of California at Santa Cruz on engaging high school students in research , esp. open ended research in collaboration with university teams. 
Reshma had this platform to represent Creative’s approach from primary grades onwards that helps build research mindsets and possibilities. 

We were also specially invited to a Presidential forum to engage with university delegates, especially from India and universities in the US with unique opportunities, and to participate in a special seminar on technology trends in education and new careers by Microsoft Education.  It was definitely a treat and a great learning on current technology driven careers and education trends. 
Proud to say that we have many universities happy to connect with us at the conference and come to Creative.  They are truly looking forward to understanding our school’s education methods and meet our kids for possibilities of summer institute programs during their high school years, internships and college admissions. We have been offered pathways to help children who need scholarships  to pursue higher studies. Fingers crossed and affirming - So be it!
Congratulations to all!

Value Education - The Creative Way!

Listen to a talk by Jayashree and Ashok delivered at a National Conference!

May 2018

Jayashree and Ashok were invited to give a talk on 'Creative Teaching Techniques in Inculcating Values' at the National Teachers' Conference held in May 2018  at Satya Sai Ashram, Muddenahalli, near Bangalore.  In their talk, they focused on how we as teachers can create an environment that allows values to be embodied in the very fabric of the classroom in an age appropriate manner.  With a fully present teacher, students can engage in simple techniques and work rhythms that naturally address their development needs.  It was an hour long talk by both of them, that was well received by around 1500 teachers and organizers from all over the world. Please listen in!

Jayashree Ashok featured in is a thought seed of our beloved former President, Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. It is a not-for-profit initiative from Greycaps, that strives to bring educators together to share thoughts, knowledge and to celebrate the teacher. It is India's first comprehensive online portal for teachers. The portal dedicates itself to serve as a medium for teachers to share their knowledge, experiences and best practices. Jayashree was interviewed by GreyCaps a few months ago and her interview is in the inaugural edition of their magazine.  
Enjoy reading!