School is a Sangha

Teaching is Sacred!!!

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Educational Approaches

Traditionally, most schooling has been achieved through accumulation of facts. Schools often dump information into a child, and in the process, kill the wisdom that already exists! The child’s inherent capability is rarely acknowledged. Creative makes learning a creative, joyful and exploratory process that completely engages children, and build upon both intuitive and logical skills. All learning is hands-on and very joyful. Our learning environment accommodates various learning styles as much as possible while enabling every child to develop to her fullest potential.  Child-centered learning that involves the child in the entire process of learning is absorbing and effective. We have learnt from Rudolph Steiner, Maria Montessori and several leading educationists in India and U.S.A. Our integrated classroom approaches encourage optimum learning.

Our teachers teach what they are passionate about – this passion carries through to the child. Our curriculum is age-appropriate rather than just content oriented, keeping in mind the overall developmental stages of the child. We keep the developmental needs of children in mind while designing our curriculum. Arts, Crafts, Music, Gardening and Theatre are integral parts of our school. Our curriculum includes activities that develop a healthy sense of physical fitness in conjunction with sports.

Traditional subjects are joyfully explored in an expansive process that greatly contributes to the overall development of the child. Inter-connected learning is project based in the arts, sciences, and mathematics. Mathematics and Science are explored through nature - dynamic, subjective, creative, and natural. Children are encouraged to experience the beauty of language in reading and writing by sharing their personal perspectives and understandings of the material. Humanities integrates various perspectives in History, Civics and Geography. We make a conscious attempt to integrate the learning from India’s vast and rich heritage through storytelling, field trips and learning activities.

Teachers acts as facilitators, encouraging children to take responsibility of their own learning. Children’s interests, imagination, and performance influence the direction of pursuit in class, while striving for a balance between mandatory lessons and choice time for the students. Teachers design lessons by keeping each child’s aptitude and learning levels in mind.

Spiritual Sciences is explored through storytelling and activities that is child-friendly and age appropriate. Simple meditations, breathing practices, chants from different spiritual traditions, meditations in nature, and arts are practiced on a daily basis. Affirmations, gratitude practice and intention setting are part of all classes.

Children are encouraged to be aware of their feelings and body sensations and taught language to express this in an age-appropriate manner. Various awareness exercises encourage children to reflect on their own inner-answers. Children journal their feelings, and their experiences on a daily basis. They are very honest and authentic, communicating honestly to each other as well as their teachers. Sometimes even too honestly! They are truly fearless. This free expression helps them unburden any inner conflict and experience unconditional acceptance from adults. The whole atmosphere in the school is very open.

Living In Harmony with Nature

Our emphasis on personal peace and wellbeing extends to our environment. Our school has been constructed completely in harmony with nature – with mud-block construction and natural materials as much as we can, including solar energy, as much as possible. Water re-charging and recycling is on site. We have composting and recycling facilities in school itself. Our school generates minimum garbage and we are proud of this!  We also have an organic garden and many medicinal plants. Many varieties of birds, butterflies, moths, spiders, cats and some snakes visit our school!

Our food program is healthy vegetarian food made with organic whole grains and vegetables bought almost directly from farmers through our friends and neighbour - Fresh Earth Organics. Our children naturally learn about food in this process. Their bodies adjust to good wholesome food!

School is a Sangha: a spiritual community and home

One of the striking aspects of our school is the sense of community. The whole environment is like a home – a large family. Many of our teachers are also parents. So the children have a sense of continuation between home and school. The school itself is a sangha of children and adults – staff, teachers and parents. We work together to evolve and grow. We really support each other in our spiritual growth and covering for daily needs.  Community involvement and connections are emphasized. This environment has truly helped children adjust easily. School is not seen as an intimidating space but as a comfortable space to explore. Our children are growing leaps and bounds in confidence!