Our Mentors -- Gratitude and Acknowledgements

I am very grateful to my parents, teachers and gurus who have inspired me on this path to Holistic Education, Healing and Children. Each of you has played a very important role in my life and been an inspiration and catalyst to our journey in Creative. We have received help and guidance from innumerable resource centres and guides. Each of your wisdom exists in our school today.

I have the utmost gratitude to Ashok for co-founding a non-profit called "Asha for Education" in Seattle along with me in 1994. Ashok has been my soul mate, partner and guide on all our journeys together. Asha grew magically and inspired hundreds of volunteers to work towards the cause of education for under-privileged children. It introduced us to many exemplary teachers and education reformers who were strong catalysts in my growth. Each of them taught me and I became blessed to have so many teachers to encourage me on my journey. Asha also introduced me to holistic living and the spiritual path after many years of service. It helped me experience new ways of living and co-creation based upon a higher purpose and strong vision. My fifteen years in Asha refined me and taught me most of what I have learnt today.

Aruna and Raghavan from Anugriha Shikshayatan school in Arasavanangadu, Tamil Nadu - For first introducing me to the topic of Alternative and Holistic Education. Your commitment, depth and enormous strength opened up so many possibilities for me. I learnt so much from you - not just the Flash Card methods which we still use today but what it means to care for children. You sowed the seeds for Ashok and me to start our school. Thanks also for your gift of the Mother's teachings on, "How to Raise a Child." It transformed my life. My numerous trips to visit and learn from you helped me immensely.

Subash from Isai Ambalam School in Auroville, Pondicherry. Your divine presence and constant encouragement to seek divine help in our work has really helped me experience Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's teachings which became the foundational inspiration for our school Creative. Your presence with us and questioning in the early days of our school has been wonderful. Thanks for your guidance on Holistic Education, your suggestions for offering our work to the Divine Mother and every step of our journey. Auroville Educational Resource Centre became an inspiration and guidance for us.

Malati Akka and Chitra Akka from Vikasana school in Bengaluru. Visiting Vikasana was an inspiration and guidance for us. Your wisdom on the important role of Arts and Crafts and Handwork in School has left an indelible imprint in our Educational approaches. Chitra akka, your work and giving me an opportunity in Palash to teach Emotional Healing methods really helped me understand the impact on children.

Lalit Uniyal the Founder of Bhoomi Heen Sewa Samithi - your courage, dedication and relentless pursuit of justice and truth are an inspiration to all of us. Your never give up attitude is simple fantastic and wonderful!

Ravi Aluganti, Resource specialist in Madanapalle who introduced us to David Horsborough and his gentle way of working with children. Watching you work in such a gentle way with children in the Government Schools in and around Madanapalle was such an inspiration and guide.

Montessori Children's House in Redmond, Washington state U.S.A who gave me the space to volunteer and inspired me into learning the teachings of Maria Montessori. Your amazing flexibility and use of Montessori in the modern day context helped me understand the integration of Maria Montessori in our School. Thanks for allowing me to volunteer and observe.

Puget Sound Community School- for giving me an experience of Democratic Education. It was a real pleasure to watch the level of respect you had for children. Thanks for allowing me to volunteer and learn with all of you.

So many schools and resource centres that presented and participated in the Learning Network Conferences. We learnt the joyful approaches to education from all of you. We also learnt the breadth and depth of education from each of your presence and wisdom. Our school's approaches are greatly enhanced by the learning from each of you. Thank you!

Love and Light,
Jayashree Ashok