Kids today have come to our school to challenge us to invent a space within ourselves to rewrite and reformat education.  Archaic systems of teaching reading, writing and mathematics have just become the “ends” of learning themselves instead of being the means or apparatus to learn at higher knowledge. We have to change our ways now to allow children to progress consciously. We have to give ways for our children to create, experiment, and lead humanity into future realms. We are their harbingers of future possibilities.

The Joy of Teaching

Our unique curriculum is based on “The Joy of Teaching,” an in-house program for Creative teachers that opens doors to a new way of being with children. Teachers faciltate the exploration of inner and outer knowledge, learning and growing right along with children. Our program helps teachers channelize the energy of children appropriately while helping them retain their essence. And what a joyful process it is for us!

Modern education confuses itself by stuffing a whole lot of content into children. This is mistakenly thought of as knowledge. In today’s world anyone can find information on the internet. It is no longer necessary for us to stuff the child’s head with irrelevant data. Instead, we need to facilitate learning so that the heart is touched. This is the first step in joyful teaching and learning. True power lies within the heart. An empowered heart finds its own way amidst life’s challenges. Education needs to facilitate children’s needs in a heart-centric manner. 

By retaining old systems of teaching, children are being given second hand information to absorb in ways that dulls and shuts them off. Most education prepares children for exams. This is hardly the goal of education. Exam taking is another skill to be learnt with the right perspective, and should not be a goal by itself. The best innovators and leaders of the world never followed these archaic systems. They took risks far beyond what the outside world “safely” allowed them to do.  When we work with children today, we are often challenged, because our old ways of learning do not work for the child’s overall development into a complete human being. This boxed, “fitting a round peg in a square hole,” technique only thwarts their progress.  For the past several decades many innovators have been finding creative and joyful ways of exploring curriculum which help children holistically develop skills in deeper more meaningful ways. The work of these innovators has begun to create a shift in consciousness about the true role of education.

Children of today are already far ahead in learning and using technology, learning new explorations and dreaming of careers that we never realized. They are able to visualize life, in more ways than we ever did. They are able to express imaginative ideas and come up with innovative ways of supporting their needs, much more than we ever tried. They are quick to find out their own ways of learning and use prior learning naturally, with very little guidance. They are passionate creators, innovators and artists waiting to blossom. They are the most amazing confident risk takers. Their creativity juices flow through them in much more awareness than ever before.  Education needs to adapt to the whole child while considering their developmental needs.

The second step is to create a sacred classroom. The classroom needs to become a “Sacred Classroom,” one of harmony and flow, learning, joy and discovery. The whole atmosphere of the classroom needs be a beautiful flow between the teacher and children - one of unconditional love, discovery and awareness. The child’s inner response to the various learning processes needs to be heard and encouraged.  The Sacred Classroom helps with heart-centered learning. We need to experience and understand what it takes to create a Sacred Classroom.

The third step is to become aware of the learning process and refine it to take into account holistic education. Teaching needs to reflect different stages in learning and various learning styles, multiple intelligences and flexibility. Children learn in different ways.  As adults, we need to become aware of how children learn and facilitate for different response states and learning styles. Theories of multiple intelligences and learning styles need to be explored by teachers so they can understand how best to work with each child. Teaching needs to be “responsive” to the child’s needs.

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Children learn best through play. In a child’s world there is no difference between work and play. We need to fundamentally change how we interact with children. All lessons can be explored in an experiential manner through play and discovery. Adults need to equip themselves with more joyful ways of interacting with the child. We can utilize many different mediums (art, storytelling, clay, hand work etc.) and resources such as learning aids to facilitate heart-centered learning that includes traditional subjects. Theatre, arts, storytelling and hands-on working ways can all be explored as mediums for exploring lessons.  Even traditional subjects can be explored through joyful ways while keeping the child’s natural learning style in mind.

The earth is moving into newer dimensions; the universe is energizing all of us in ways we have previously not realized.  Consciousness of the whole wide universe is shifting into dimensions we need to awaken to. We have to change to allow our children to create, experiment, and lead humanity into future realms. We are their harbingers of future possibilities.  Let us begin our adventure into the world of teaching and children joyfully!

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