Careers @ Creative

We invite teachers to apply to Creative

The most important qualifications we look for in teachers are

  • Love children
  • Have the courage and seek self-growth
  • Be flexible and adapt to changes and challenges
  • Learn as we teach.

Creative is a holistic school. Our community is dedicated to raising children consciously while providing a strong foundation for their spirit. Inspired by the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, we have many programs for a teacher's inner transformation and growth as well as discovering the joy of teaching and learning. Keeping this mission in our hearts, our sangha - our community of teachers and parents are working towards co-creating such a space. It is our strong spiritual foundation that gives us the direction, tools and inner drive to achieve this.

Teachers applying to Creative must be ready for alternative approaches to education aligned with the vision and mission of Creative. Learning at Creative School is thematic, contextual and multi-cultural. Lessons, project-based work, inquiry-based investigations and discussions, class and small group interactions, art sessions, field trips, self-study are all methodologies that inform our learning in any subject. A teacher at Creative is requested to journey through a unique, transformational in-service teacher training programme at Creative School. This is a one of a kind training offered to those interested in empowering themselves and learning the art of holistic education.

Teachers applying must want to pursue an awareness of self and in relation to others; be creative, love kids, enjoy work, appreciate colleagues, be compassionate and tolerant to mistakes and challenges faced by all. Our in-house, in-service training empowers our teachers to take on the world of education with all the relevant help at hand.

Please review our spiritual philosophy and our education approach on our website and reflect if this is a place for you.

Teachers who love children and are passionate to observe children learn are welcome to apply.

Currently, we are looking for

  • Middle school Math teacher
  • Middle school science teacher
  • AS and A level Chemistry teacher

Apart from competent monetary remuneration, we provide immense support for a conscious living and holistic health.

Creative, along with Pragya Living Wisdom centre, is a place for personal growth and mindfulness - it is a space for our own learning in a community, a sangha.

The school has an ethos of wellbeing with a strong spiritual foundation for all members. Our inner work and service in the sangha are integral to our work.

Please email us at with your resume. Please give us a short description with the reason for your interest in our school and its philosphy