Spiritual Foundation and Healing for Parents and Teachers

Education comes from the Latin word, “educare,” which means “to draw out.” The true meaning is to draw out what already exists inside, not to just dump content into a child! Children learn best through personal example from the adults in their lives. It is extremely important for teachers and parents to be conscious role models for their children. We need to become what we want for our children! Educating ourselves and our children has a greater significance, requiring very conscious and sensitive parenting and teaching. To truly attempt this, we adults need to unlearn the old, conditioned ways and begin anew! Unconsciously our patterns that we inherited growing up, affect us. Healing and freeing ourself is the core of this unlearning and relearning. Without our wellness, it becomes difficult to practically implement these principles on a daily basis as we tend to slide into our conditioning and old ways. Through wellness practice, we become aware of our own inner barriers, and transform them to function with greater ease.

Keeping this in mind, Creative is as much of an educational space for teachers and parents as it is for children.  

Pragya Living Wisdom Centre, the heart of Creative is open to families and teachers for their own learning and inner growth. Our core spiritual foundation empowers our everyday lives – helping us overcome barriers and challenges in everyday living using spiritual wisdom. We apply spiritual wisdom in all areas of our lives – our relationships, work, homes, parenting and teaching. Many training programs have been developed for this purpose under the guidance of Dr Newton Kondaveti and our spiritual teachers. Pragya Living Wisdom Centre offers programs for personal awakening and transformation and is open to the general public.

Under the Dr Newton’s guidance we have also developed week-long spiritual retreats and programs through Children’s Life University for parents and teachers. All teachers at the Creative School are trained through these processes. Many parents have chosen to participate in these retreats so school and home, together can create such an environment for raising children.

Awareness and Unconditional Love are the Foundation

The foundation of our school is unconditional love and awareness. We are aware of the strengths and areas of growth in ourselves as well as our children. These are natural in life. And we unconditionally accept both! Before any lessons begin, the teacher harmonizes the connection between the children and his/his self. When this flow exists in the classroom, learning automatically happens. Children learn best in an atmosphere of love and mutual respect.  With this foundation we have experienced children flourish and grow confidently to their highest potential.

A teacher’s inner journey greatly affects the class flow. We dedicate time on a weekly basis to reflect on our own inner reactions towards children. We have regular time set up during school hours for teachers to support each other. Teachers also go within themselves to release natural frustrations and unblock themselves to ensure that the challenges they face in the teaching learning process does not shut off their heart connection with the child. We have co-created a space of non-judgment, understanding and increasing awareness. Sufficient time is set aside for our own personal nourishment. Teacher “self” work and reflection happens as part of the curriculum in the school.